Exploring the 6 Elite Brands at HMY

Exploring the 6 Elite Brands at HMY

By HMY Contributor   January 30, 2024

Distinguished boaters turn to HMY for their own unique reasons. Some are seeking the highest-caliber sportfishing vessel for the thrill of tournament success. Others are after a yacht primed for years of memory-making during enviable weekend adventures and exquisite family vacations. Still more may be looking for a luxurious home-away-from-home for long stays out on the open sea.  

But no matter what your individual boating desire, you’ll find the same thing all our clients past, present, and future have: the very best that the yachting world has to offer. 

Delivering on this commitment has been the guiding principle behind every decision we make at HMY, and that dedication is especially reflected in the brands we carry. With a longstanding reputation among the foremost yacht brokers in the U.S., we are extremely selective about the manufacturers we partner with.  

Just as importantly, our world-class team is made up of actual boaters. Every broker brings firsthand knowledge and a passion for pairing clients with boats they genuinely believe in. This means we stand behind every boat we sell, from the very best in yacht making — each name bearing distinctive qualities we’re proud to share with you. 

Viking Yachts 

Viking Yachts performs most of their manufacturing in-house, which is part of why they are without a doubt the global leader for sportfishing yachts. The result is exceptional quality control and attention to detail across the entire process, from concept to finished vessel. The HMY name has been synonymous with Viking Yachts since the start of our partnership more than 30 years ago, and the numbers say more than we can about why. HMY averages more than 100 Viking Yacht sales annually, has a lineup of 12 brand specialists on staff, with many HMY brokers outside the team selling new Vikings as well, and serves the most extensive network of Viking customers of any brokerage. 

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Valhalla Boatworks 

An exclusive line of center consoles presented by Viking Yachts, Valhalla Boatworks is the answer to the discerning angler’s quest for the ultimate luxury center console tournament boat. These high-performance vessels have been designed with rugged sportfishing in mind, often built with an integrated Seakeeper mounting structure, custom fuel manifold system, and thoughtful engineering in every detail. Thanks to this sister brand, serious anglers can enjoy the same performance, quality, and innovation that has won Viking Yachts the position as the number-one sportfishing boat builder in the world — but with a subtlety and simplicity that won’t get in the way of hardcore fishing. And with our reputation as one of the leading Viking dealers in the U.S., there’s no one better suited to bring you a Valhalla center console than HMY.

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Princess Yachts 

Produced in the U.K., Princess Yachts surged to popularity with their iconic high-performance V-hull in the 1970s. Since then, their elegant, brand-defining Euro-style motor yachts have established Princess as a formidable presence across the globe. They represent the best in class for everything they do, including stunning flybridges, sport bridges, and the ultramodern X Class of super flybridges. With their dedication to constant innovation, it’s no surprise that Princess has been the recipient of several esteemed awards, and we’re grateful to have received one of our own, too: HMY was recognized as the number-one Princess dealer for North America for the 2022 model year. 

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Two Oceans

Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing has built sail and power catamarans since 1989. Their latest line is set to shake up the market as the highest-quality and most innovative catamaran available, representing a true evolution of the power catamaran. Each vessel boasts a unique, industry-first layout, along with best-in-class size, speed, and performance. HMY is the exclusive distributor for the 555, 675, and 870 models throughout the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas. Keep an eye out for the 870, which measures in at approximately five stories tall.  

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One of the fastest-growing yacht makers today, Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing is now expanding even further with their dedicated outboard express cruising model line, the ECLIPSE. With it, Two Oceans has taken everything you’d expect from a cruising yacht — luxury, style, and aesthetics — and added a hefty dose of performance upgrades. The 505 and 605 models offer an all-new concept, design, and engineering, featuring only the finest materials and equipment. The interiors of these express cruisers were designed by Michael Tucker with Design Unlimited out of the UK. A premium SHADOW performance package upgrade is also available for each. With automotive influences, lavish appointments, and Michael Peters’ award-winning SVVT® hull, ECLIPSE represents the pinnacle of yachting, and HMY is proud to be their exclusive dealer. 

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Known for clean aesthetics and an emphasis on ergonomics, Scandinavian influences have a powerful presence in the yachting world. But no one executes luxe Scandinavian design with more finesse than Nimbus, the Swedish boat maker that has also infused the utmost degree of functionality into each of their lines. Their luxury cruising day boats are ideal for entertaining, and come at a tremendous value without sacrificing the amenities boaters want, from cutting-edge technology to top-comfort cabins. HMY is proud to bring the highly regarded European brand to the US boat market with a team dedicated exclusively to Nimbus. 

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Whichever brand suits your discerning boating needs, look to HMY as your source for the absolute best yachts on the market. Explore our full range of yachts for sale all in one convenient place, call us for decision-making assistance at 561.202.2600, or jump directly to your brand of choice:

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