A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s Production Facilities in Cape Town, South Africa

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s Production Facilities in Cape Town, South Africa

By HMY Contributor   April 11, 2023

In a world as complex as boat building, the best marine manufacturing calls for a history of excellence along with an ability to keep pace with the yachting industry’s ever-evolving advancements. Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing accomplishes this balance deftly, leveraging the drive and passion that helped the family-owned brand establish their roots while maintaining a future-focused mindset of smart growth. Here, we get an insider’s view of their facilities in Cape Town, South Africa, for a deeper understanding of their recipe for success. 

Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing Overview 

Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing specializes in custom and semi-custom power and sailing catamarans ranging in size from 27 to 150 feet. Whether it’s luxury power, performance sailing, sport fishing, or commercial use, both longtime yachting enthusiasts and prospective owners turn to Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing for their decades-long history of quality boat building. 

Well-Executed Expansion 

To meet the growing demand of their diverse production catalog, Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing has pursued tremendous growth since their modest early days 35 years ago. Their first shop could accommodate production of just a pair of 50-foot boats. Today, they have three plants spanning thousands of square meters: 

  • Their main facility houses production of the National Sea Rescue Institute’s boats, all Balance sail catamarans, power inboard and outboard sportfish boats, and all custom-line boats. This shop is currently wrapping up production on Two Oceans’ first 870 power catamaran, a massive custom-line vessel reaching a height of approximately five stories tall on its production line, and with such beam three transit buses could simultaneously drive between the boat’s hulls. 
  • The Neptune facility was acquired for the sole purpose of Two Oceans 555 power catamaran production and employs more than 160 employees at this location alone. At any given time, crews are actively building six boats from layup to completion. Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing needed this dedicated and expansive facility to fit the 555’s massive parts, including the sprawling hulls and decks, and to create a streamlined end-to-end single production location for the Two Oceans 555. 
  • Finally, the most recently acquired facility is dedicated to production of the all-new ECLIPSE 505 and 605 models. Like the Neptune facility, the ECLIPSE facility will house end-to-end production of both 505 and 605 models. From lamination and furniture production, and on to final paint, this new facility will even have a working “test tank” for pre-departure testing of each ECLIPSE hull before shipment.   

All of the three facilities are within walking distance of each other. This YouTube Video provides a closer look into the scale of Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s overall operations. Click here to view the video.

Bringing the Right People Aboard 

Of course, Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s growth is about more than physical space. Within the past three years, the boat builder has tripled their workforce, taking on more than 120 new hires since February 2023 alone. Now, their workforce totals more than 600 staff members. As a family-owned, second-generation company and one of the few large custom catamaran manufacturers in the world, Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s growth is nothing short of remarkable. 

Their company motto: “A Distinct Difference” is evident in the boats they produce. Nearly all essential construction works that go into their catamarans are fabricated in-house, from furniture to cabinetry to electrical and metal works. Some components, such as railings, and engines are out-sourced locally, but the in-house representation of all trades is not something seen today. The decision to keep all aspects of production concentrated to their local facilities and community has enabled Two Oceans to drive efficiency and produce exquisite, turnkey catamarans while positioning them as one of the most sought-after employers in Cape Town, South Africa. 

HMY Yachts is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Two Oceans Power Catamarans for the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, The Caribbean, and The Bahamas. Explore their impressive lineup of catamarans here or contact our Two Oceans specialist by calling 561-228-4300.   

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