A Glimpse into the Outstanding Performance of The Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran

A Glimpse into the Outstanding Performance of The Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran

By HMY Yachts   December 3, 2022

The long-awaited Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran has already captivated yacht enthusiasts with its exquisite aesthetics and abundant amenities. Designed by Du Toit Yacht Design, the 55’ beauty boasts a number of layout options and thoughtfully-crafted details both inside and out to ensure the utmost level of comfort and convenience.  

As its official release draws nearer, the community has been anxious to see how the vessel’s performance will stack up. With recent test results that have far surpassed expectations, it’s clear that the 555 is every bit as impressive on the water as it is in port.

HMY is the exclusive distributor of Two Oceans Power Catamarans for the U.S., Canada, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas Region. To celebrate the launch of the innovative power cat, HMY will hold a public event after the boat’s arrival in January 2023. In the meantime, here’s what you should know about the 555’s performance.  

Two Oceans 555 Performance Test results

A recent sea trial of the 555 exceeded even the highest expectations set for the vessel. Outperforming all the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, the yacht produced a quiet, impressive ride. Below are a few highlights.

Range Numbers

The 555’s ranges provide nearly unlimited travel options. Hitting over 27 knots at wide open throttle — an astounding feat for a vessel of this size — the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 5 knots: 2,800 miles
  • 10 knot cruise: 773 nautical miles
  • 21.3 knot cruise: 463 nautical miles
  • Wide open (27.5 knots): 394 nautical miles

Exterior Platofrm on board the Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran

Exhaust Systems

The 555’s underwater Centek exhaust is situated on a 45-degree angle underwater (instead of on the hull), which allows for quiet operation free of fumes. As water rushes by the boat, the exhaust system carries noise away for an impeccable onboard experience.

Underwater exhaust on the 555 power catamaran

Off-Grid Operation

One of the most attractive options for the catamaran is the ability to upgrade to the Off-Grid model, which maximizes efficiency for power generation and storage. This version offers a 48-volt AC/operating system tied to the vessel’s integral system, allowing you to operate non-engine systems off lithium ion batteries. Powered by the renowned Victron Energy, the lithium batteries coupled with a robust set of solar panels to round out a comprehensive off-grid system. You can therefore power their AC and other loads without utilizing any petrol-powered systems, and with a set of 9 kw PTO generators, power can be restored within the storage bank to 80% within one hour.

555 Power catamaran exterior platform 

One final attractive component of the 555’s overall operations is its sacrificial keel. As a critical component of the boat’s function, the keel doesn’t simply protect the running gear, but also aids in optimizing water flow passing into the 555’s tight-tolerance tunnel system designed by Teignbridge LTD. Cavitation is eliminated by this system which is bookended by a set of custom semi-circular Humphree interceptor trim tabs that can add nearly two knots of speed and also reduce load with minimal engagement.

555 Power Catamaran Keel of boat

To learn more about this vessel or to explore other offerings, visit HMY.com. To set up a viewing or a sea trial, you can also call an HMY Two Oceans Product Specialist at 561-228-4300. Don’t wait to begin enjoying the yacht of your dreams; contact HMY Yachts today!

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