Two Oceans Scales Operations & Readies the ECLIPSE Express Cruiser Line: A Look Inside the Brand’s Explosive Growth

Two Oceans Scales Operations & Readies the ECLIPSE Express Cruiser Line: A Look Inside the Brand’s Explosive Growth

By HMY Contributor   October 11, 2023

Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing began their journey in leisure and commercial yacht construction nearly 40 years ago in a small facility within the port of Cape Town, South Africa. Today, this family-owned yacht manufacturer has positioned themselves among the foremost boatbuilders in the world. In recent years, their growth has swelled even more tremendously, due to a sharp rise in demand that has called for rapid expansion in both production floorspace and labor.  

During his most recent visit to their facilities, HMY’s Two Oceans project manager/brand expert, Dave Jirikovic, has beared witness to the massive growth of their already sizable footprint in the Cape Town port. Like a phoenix rising, the brand is now soaring far beyond their original physical beginnings. Here’s how Two Oceans has transformed from an esteemed name in custom yacht construction into an absolute force in the industry.    

A Yacht Maker Spreads Its Wings 

Following Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s expansion into their present 100,000 sq ft. main production facility, Two Oceans needed additional dedicated production floorspace for not just the Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran line, but also for production of the all-new Eclipse 505 and 605. These needs have resulted in Two Oceans acquiring two more facilities which have more than doubled their on-the-ground production footprint to 250,000 sq ft. across all locations. Of note, all three factories are in such proximity to each other that staff can walk to an adjacent Two Oceans facility faster than getting in a vehicle and driving.  


Acquired as an empty building in late 2021, The Neptune facility is now a bustling production facility and is dedicated to the construction of the coveted 555 Power Catamarans. Within the building’s 25,000 square feet, nine boats fill this dedicated production line, with a tenth 555 hull, deck, flybridge, hardtop, and ancillary parts in layup/lamination at all times. 

The third, or latest facility was acquired in late 2022, and is the dedicated Eclipse production facility. Within these walls there is an additional 75,000 square feet on the ground level and another 25,000 sq. feet of mezzanine and office. This new building is now outfitted and provides ample room to accommodate the construction of the line’s 505 and 605 models. 

While the floor space is impressive in itself, what’s even more remarkable about Two Oceans’ facilities is their volume. Towering ceilings make way for the colossal tools and equipment, including the massive cranes needed for hoisting up parts and materials. Due to the region’s current real estate landscape land use maturity, available land opportunities for new construction simply do not exist, so Two Oceans had to be especially strategic about their acquisitions, scooping up buildings as soon as they became available and working quickly to bring them up to the latest building codes 

To power all of these efforts, the company naturally needed to invest in significant workforce growth. Two Oceans now employs nearly 900 people — a labor increase of more than two-thirds within just two years, and a boon to the local economy. 

This intense period of growth is already paying dividends: with the increased capacity and production running at full tilt, Two Oceans will soon unleash their newest creations on the yachting world: the revolutionary outboard Express Cruising model line, ECLIPSE. 

All Eyes on the New ECLIPSE 

With added space and a growing workforce, Two Oceans has even more opportunities to delight customers, and that’s precisely where their focus lies. In the coming months, we’ll see the highly anticipated release of both their 505 and 605 Eclipse models. Far beyond normal express cruisers, these all-new releases represent innovative engineering and design concepts, and an elevated level of luxury and performance. Both model lines feature Michael Peters’ patented and award-winning SVVT® hull, and thoughtfully crafted, stunning, automotive-influenced interiors from Design Unlimited out of the UK. Pre-orders are available for both models right now.

First Up: the 505 

In full production now is the 505 Eclipse. Rather than build just one hull mold, as is typical, Two Oceans leadership decided to build two. The spacious Eclipse facility allows for two separate hulls to be built at the same time, ensuring they can keep up with demand and driving efficiency by enabling crews to work in tandem on each vessel.  


Pre-orders are available now, and we anticipate having this model in the U.S. in June, 2024.  

If you’re attending the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in late October, stop by the HMY display to see a full-scale starboard salon furniture mockup. 

Next Up: the 605 

Directly following the 505 will be the 605. The final product is in print now, and the plug which creates the mold for the hull and deck is currently underway. As with the 505, the interior of the 605 is being completed by Design Unlimited and it will feature the Michael Peters SVVT® hull, ensuring unrivaled comfort, performance, and seakeeping on this 60-foot express cruiser. Models are anticipated to be released by the end of 2024, but as with the 505, pre-orders are already available for the 605. 


As the exclusive distributor worldwide, HMY is your trusted source for Two Oceans Marine yachts. Whether youre anticipating the arrival of their new ECLIPSE models or are interested in one of their phenomenal power catamarans, our dedicated ECLIPSE specialists can assist you in finding the right vessel for your next adventure. Find out more about our current offerings or call (561) 448-8500 to make your reservation today. 

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