Breaking the Mold: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the First 505 ECLIPSE Hull from Two Oceans Marine

Breaking the Mold: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the First 505 ECLIPSE Hull from Two Oceans Marine

By HMY Contributor   December 11, 2023

New releases tend to generate a fair amount of buzz in the yachting community. It’s less common, however, to see the remarkable degree of anticipation we’re witnessing with Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s newest express cruising line, ECLIPSE.  

Currently in development, the line’s 505 and 605 models represent a novel concept, brought to life by new techniques in engineering and design. And the world can’t wait to see it. 

HMY has been fortunate to follow along with Two Oceans’ progress, from witnessing the massive expansion of their Cape Town facilities to following along as the first renderings of the highly-anticipated ECLIPSE were revealed.  

Recently, HMY’s Product Specialist, Dave Jirikovic was present for the momentous occasion of pulling the first 505 hull from the mold. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at what’s happening at the facility, along with what’s to come. 

Two Oceans’ Latest, Two Years in the Making 

Anticipation over the 505 ECLIPSE has been growing for some time now, and the recent unveiling of its hull is proof that it’s been well deserved. The mold of the 505’s hull represents the culmination of two years of hard work and collaboration among the best in the industry, including the iconic Michael Peters Yacht Design and the interior experts from Design Unlimited. More than a thousand pages of drawings were created for the vessel’s overall design; thousands more were required to build out the interior. The newly crafted mold is the impressive outer shell used to shape the hull as a working piece of art. 

A Unique Approach Yields Remarkable Results 

Oftentimes, the excitement of releasing a new model is so compelling that manufacturers push to get it done quickly. With ECLIPSE, however, no corners have been cut. In fact, every detail is brimming with complexity, from the boat’s geometry to its performance and luxury. There’s no race to the finish line when it comes to quality of this caliber; rather, they’ve maintained an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence through each step. 

Seeing the hull come to life has been a testament to the vessel’s many intricacies. The tooling of the hull mold alone is uniquely complex, involving seven separate pieces and was milled with a 5-axis CNC router. And in another distinctive move, instead of the traditional white, Two Oceans has chosen to release 505 and 605 hulls from the molds in clear gelcoat to showcase each hull’s exquisite craftsmanship. 

What began as a concept, became a design. What was an empty factory, is now a fully modernized and operational production facility. Filled with towering cranes, tools, and more than 200 people, ECLIPSE’s dedicated 505 production facility is now teeming with progress, and the excitement of what perseverance can achieve. 

What’s on the Horizon for ECLIPSE? 

If you’re eagerly awaiting the ECLIPSE, you’re not alone. The interior mockup debuted at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) this past October and was met with much admiration. A truly groundbreaking development in the cruiser segment, the 505 represents an edgy, new take on the cruiser, and the real-life rendering of designer Michael Peters vision of a new timeless classic. 

If you’re ready to see the 505 ECLIPSE firsthand, you won’t have to wait long. The public debut of Hull #1 is set for 2024. And, as the 505 comes to life, her sister (the 605) isn’t far behind. The 60-foot model is in tooling and will be headed to production soon. 

Pre-orders for the 505 ECLIPSE are currently open, and you can take a closer look at what’s to come with the ECLIPSE models here. Reach out to one of our dedicated brand specialists to learn more by calling (561) 448-8500. 

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