The Off-Grid Package: Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran

By Kimberly Smith   September 11, 2023

The Off-Grid Package for the Two Oceans 555 Catamaran, as explained by brand manager Dave Jirikovic, boasts several key features:  

· 8 additional 400-watt solar panels bringing total solar input to 6.8KW

· 50KW Victron Energy lithium iron phosphate house storage ban

· Integrel Systems 9KW PTO power generators on each main engine  

See the Two Oceans 555 model featuring the Off-Grid package at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show October 25 - 29th. 

Two Oceans 555 Hull 002

The 555 model impressively relies solely on Victron Energy components for all energy control systems, with a standout feature being the immense lithium iron phosphate house storage bank. This translates into the ability to power all seven air conditioners continuously for over eight hours in sweltering South Florida conditions. The Integral Systems' PTO generators, driven by the main engines, operate maintenance-free, and allow for efficient and hi-speed recharging of the house storage bank. The Two Oceans 555 with the optional Off-Grid package signifies a move towards boat independence from shore power, marking a glimpse into the future of boating.  

HMY Yachts is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Two Oceans Power Catamarans for the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, The Caribbean, and The Bahamas. Explore their impressive lineup of catamarans here or contact our Two Oceans specialist by calling 561-228-4300.  


Listen to our latest interview with Dave Jirikovic here.  


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