The subject of trade-ins is sure to ignite fierce debate among boaters. Those who are not fans have probably never worked with HMY. While some brokerages don’t accept trade-ins, we have the size, experience, knowledge, and networks to do it right and make it worth your while.

The size of our business means we can handle trade-ins properly. Our reputation means we get tons of superb used motor yachts and used sportfish yachts as trade-ins (giving our customers even more selection of the best used yachts on the market). Our service teams make sure they’re all in perfect shape when they hit the market. Our 12 locations mean we have the best used boats for sale near you. And if it’s not, we’ll get it to you. And, we have tons of customers looking for these kinds of valuable used yachts. We constantly receive spectacular trade-ins, providing great opportunities to own a used boat at an outstanding price.

HMY Yachts is unique as we are not only professional brokerage firm, but also have the advantage of selling new yachts as well like Viking Yachts and Princess Yachts. So, when customers are ready to upgrade to a new yacht, we have the trade-in process down and ready to work for them.

A trade-in process takes much of the hassle and risk out of trading up to a different yacht and is often an attractive plan since it eliminates the possibility of becoming burdened with two boats while waiting for one to sell.

Our experienced brokers and proven process means we can tell you your trade-in value quickly, saving admin time and stress, and getting you into your next boat on the double.

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