Four Nimbus Models To See At The Miami Boat Show

Four Nimbus Models To See At The Miami Boat Show

By Kimberly Smith   January 24, 2024

Held in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, the 2024 Miami International Boat Show will be running from Valentine’s Day through February 18th. HMY Yacht Sales will be on the docks with a selection of yachts for sale including four of our new Nimbus models. Nimbus boats make excellent day boats and weekenders. They are efficient, beautifully designed and of top-tier quality. Read below to find out more about the four new Nimbus models that will be on display at the Miami Show.    

The Nimbus T11

Show Location: In water at HMY display Ramp D at the One Herald Plaza 

The Nimbus T11, measuring just over 40 feet, represents the epitome of a perfect day boat according to Nimbus' vision. Designed for easy living on the water, this vessel offers an innovative social environment that invites friends and family to gather and relax in style. The key features of the Tender 11 include a spacious lounge area with adjustable seating and dining configurations, multiple sun beds, an outdoor galley for entertaining, gyro stabilization for added comfort, vast storage capacity for gear and water toys, and an impressive amount of deck space that provides an overwhelming freedom of movement. The thoughtful design ensures a seamless blend of functionality and luxury, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a premium boating experience. 

Equipped with a stepped hull design and offering a variety of engine options, the Nimbus T11 allows for a comfortable cruising experience at speeds ranging from 20 to 40 knots. This versatility ensures that both leisurely journeys and more spirited adventures are well within reach. Whether you're enjoying a peaceful day on the water or seeking the thrill of high-speed cruising, the Nimbus T11 delivers a harmonious balance of performance and leisure, making it a standout choice in the realm of day boats.

The Nimbus T9  

Show location: In water at HMY display Ramp D at the One Herald Plaza 


The Nimbus Tender 9, compact yet versatile at just over 30 feet, stands out as the ultimate day boat that seamlessly adapts to diverse boating needs. Designed to cater to a wide range of activities, this vessel is a perfect choice for families seeking enjoyment in water sports or relaxation under the sun. Additionally, seasoned anglers will appreciate the T9 as a reliable fishing craft, while skippers can utilize it as a practical commuter boat for transporting supplies to larger yachts. The T9's adaptability is further emphasized by its availability in multiple versions, including Sport, Fishing, Utility, and Pleasure, allowing individuals to tailor their experience on the water according to their preferences. 

With a variety of engine options to choose from, the Nimbus T9 ensures a personalized and efficient boating experience. Whether you prioritize speed, utility, or a combination of both, the T9 provides the means to customize your vessel to suit your specific needs. Embodying the spirit of flexibility, the Nimbus Tender 9 opens up a world of possibilities for boating enthusiasts, promising an enjoyable and tailored experience on the water.   

Note: Our T9 on display will feature a single 350 V10 for power.

The Nimbus C9 

Show location: Convention Center Booth MB243

The Nimbus C9 stands as a purpose-built, rapid commuter vessel meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of year-round commuters, active day-trippers, and those embarking on longer, staged journeys with overnight stays. This versatile vessel prioritizes spaciousness, surfaces, and functionality to deliver optimal onboard load capacity and freedom of movement. Noteworthy features include easily accessible stowage, wide gangways, extra-large sliding doors, and passages designed for the comfort of two people passing through. Boasting contemporary Scandinavian design, the C9 is a boat for connoisseurs who appreciate well-thought-out solutions and smart functionality. 

The spacious cockpit of the Nimbus C9 is bathed in splendid natural light, thanks to a large sliding glass roof hatch, creating a modern and snug driver's position. The swiveling cockpit chairs provide ample space for four people to dine or accommodate a total of five individuals. The versatility extends to the cockpit passenger sofa, which effortlessly converts into an extra bed suitable for two children or one adult. The forecabin of the C9 offers a comfortable retreat with room for a double berth, a separate head, and a kitchenette, completing the package for those seeking a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and comfort on the water.   

The Nimbus T8 

Show Location: Convention Center Booth MB243

The Nimbus T8 stands out as a multifunctional, well-equipped, and fast day boat designed to cater to day-to-day activities and water sports, while also offering overnight accommodation for two. Positioned as a worthy successor to the Nova and R-series, the T8 embodies Scandinavian day boat excellence, merging design elements, functionality, and DNA from the 230R, 250R, and 26 Nova with Nimbus' timeless classic style. Jonas Göthberg, the Commercial Director at Nimbus, emphasizes the T8 as a functional day tender for those who appreciate genuine Scandinavian design, well-considered solutions, and comfort.  Intended for day-to-day social activities, transportation, water sports, and leisure pursuits, the Nimbus T8 is built on a newly developed air-lubricated stepped hull that boasts excellent seafaring qualities and a low planning threshold.

With a cruising speed ranging between 20-35 knots and a maximum speed exceeding 40 knots, the T8 offers a dynamic and exhilarating boating experience. Joacim Gustavsson, Chief Designer at Nimbus, highlights the T8's stable, safe, and quiet performance, making it easy to operate at high speeds even in challenging weather conditions. The construction, quality, excellent seaworthiness, and handling, coupled with superior speed capabilities, invite enthusiasts to engage in a more active style of driving while maintaining a sense of safety and security.

Contact an HMY Nimbus Professional today for more information on any of these models: 561-328-1100 or [email protected].      

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