A Journey Into The Creation Of The ECLIPSE 505 Express Cruiser

By Kimberly Smith   January 8, 2024

The world of yacht design and manufacturing is a realm where creativity and innovation collide, shaping vessels that combine elegance with functionality. At the 2023 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the unveiling of the ECLIPSE 505 life-size mockup and the project itself showcased the culmination of a collaborative effort across continents. At the show, a round table discussion was held to shed more light on this exciting Express Cruiser project that HMY is the exclusive dealer for.  

Eclipse 505 Express Cruiser

Meet the Team 

In this video, David Jirikovic, the brand manager for HMY and one of the driving forces behind the ECLIPSE project, introduced a stellar team whose expertise spanned various corners of the globe. The lineup included Graham Kukla, a Senior Designer at Michael Peters Yacht Design; Chris Critchett a Naval Architect and the VP at Michael Peters Yacht Design; and Mark Delany from Two Oceans Manufacturing in South Africa. 

Global Collaboration 

Mark Delany highlighted the excitement of collaborating across three continents, emphasizing how this diversity in partnerships brought together the best in their respective industries. The collaboration with Michael Peters Yacht Design wasn't entirely new; there was a previous project more than a decade ago. However, reuniting for the ECLIPSE 505 Express Cruiser project presented a fresh challenge that spurred excitement. 

Navigating Challenges 

The team wasn't immune to challenges. Graham Kukla shed light on the challenges of balancing classic elegance with modern propulsion and a step hull design. Chris Critchett expanded on the perception challenge—merging high-performance hulls with outboard power into a cruising yacht package was a creative puzzle. However, the team appreciated the departure from conventional center consoles, attributing this refreshing direction to the clear vision of Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing, David Jirikovic, and the team as a whole. 

Manufacturing Marvels 

Mark Delany delved into the complexities faced during production. Establishing a custom facility, overcoming spatial limitations, infrastructure setup, and staffing hurdles were some of the challenges tackled. The manufacturing team invested substantial effort to ensure the ECLIPSE 505 stood out in the market, focusing on uniqueness and quality. 

A Collaborative Approach 

The team's ethos revolved around collaboration and problem-solving. They rallied together to surmount obstacles and craft a standout product. With a 200-person staff increase and a dedicated facility in South Africa, meticulous attention was given to creating mock-ups to validate the functionality of the yacht’s components. 

Unique Design and Acknowledgments 

The ECLIPSE 505 harbors unique design elements, such as sliding doors and a fold-down side platform. Acknowledging the crucial roles of design, production engineering, and interiors, the team expressed gratitude to everyone involved, recognizing their collective efforts in creating a world-class yacht. 

Looking Forward 

During this conversation at FLIBS, David Jirikovic teased the audience with the anticipation of the first demolding of the ECLIPSE 505 in South Africa - which took place in early December 2023 and was a great success.  

More exciting updates are to come. The team's commitment to delivering excellence underscores the anticipation surrounding the project's future developments. 

The ECLIPSE 505 project epitomizes the power of collaboration, innovation, and dedication. From diverse continents to meticulous craftsmanship, this project represents a synergy of talents working harmoniously to create a remarkable yacht. As the ECLIPSE 505 journey continues, it's poised to redefine standards and set new benchmarks in the world of yacht design and manufacturing. 


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