Exploring the Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran: Hull #002

By Kimberly Smith   August 9, 2023

In this video walkthrough, Two Oceans product manager Dave Jirikovic showcases the many differences between hull number two of the exquisite Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran as compared to hull number one. This power-packed vessel offers a myriad of impressive features that make it a top choice for luxury cruising enthusiasts. Join us as we dive into the different features the second hull offers and witness its distinctive design and outstanding amenities.

View the video walkthrough here.

Optional Yacht Seating Cockpit Configuration

As you step onto the transom of the Two Oceans 555 hull number two, you’ll immediately notice a significant change in the cockpit configuration. Hull number two presents us with the all-new optional center lounger setup, offering various lounging and dining options. The angled cushions on the outer edges of the settee allow for comfortable seating facing in all different directions, making this option a thoughtful addition to the yacht.

Delights of the Flybridge

Moving on to the flybridge, you are welcomed by beautiful teak treads that lead down to the cockpit. The owners of this vessel have opted for 32,000 BTU air-conditioning, additional flybridge storage, a sizable refrigerator, an ice maker, and a double-wide gas grill, perfect for entertaining guests. The expansive entertaining settee on the flybridge, accompanied by a variable height table, showcases the attention to detail given to comfort and aesthetics.

Advanced Helm and Off-Grid Package

The main helm remains largely unchanged since the first hull, with the standard suite of Garmin navigation equipment and a variable speed bow thruster. However, what sets this boat apart is it is the first 555 to feature the full “Off-Grid” package installation.

This system consists of additional solar where the flybridge lounger would be on a standard boat to assist the standard hardtop solar in capacity, so with a bit of “load shedding” you can create a self-sustaining power ecosystem on the 555. Every control component down to the massive LiFePO4 storage battery bank is a Victron Energy product which results in seamless communication within the system.

This was all by design to give an owner the peace of mind that they will have the support of industry leading Victron Energy wherever they may travel. System monitoring and control is easy to understand via the app on your phone (which if you tie the system to dock or onboard Wi-Fi can be monitored from anywhere), without internet the app can still operate on the local network, full access can be gained via the Garmin network, or finally, via the Victron Energy color LCD touchscreen system control panel at the main breaker panel.

The system is rounded out by two 9KW Integrel Systems PTO generators- one on each engine which can bring the house storage bank back from a low state of charge with minimal operating time and minimal fuel consumption allowing you to move back to engine-free operations and quiet relaxation in minimal time when necessary.

A Professional-Grade Galley

The galley is equipped with top-notch appliances, including a built-in ice maker, dishwasher, induction cooktop, GE Profile convection microwave oven, and a Fisher Paykel refrigerator drawer with an ice maker. The sinks have been thoughtfully arranged, with one large sink complemented by a smaller one to the left. The settee in the galley area is now more spacious, providing ample lounging and dining comfort.

On-Deck Master Suite

One of the standout features of the Two Oceans 555 hull number two is the on-deck master suite. This unique design allows for a fully flush-floor master suite on the salon deck, offering privacy and unobstructed 180-degree views. The master head features separate facilities, dual sinks, and a spacious shower, making it a haven of luxury.

Staterooms and Crew Comfort

For visiting guests, the starboard aft stateroom boasts a full-size bed and excellent storage, while the VIP stateroom offers impressive amenities. The yacht's design also caters to crew comfort, ensuring a happy and efficient life onboard. The dedicated crew stateroom features two generous twin beds and a full non-wet head.

The Bow Lounge and Engine Rooms

As you continue to move forward to the bow lounge, you’ll notice incredible attention to detail that creates a serene and inviting space. The forward door has been skillfully repositioned to accommodate the on-deck master suite, resulting in a larger forward lounge area compared to standard open boats. In the engine room, you’ll find the powerful standard Cummins QSB 6.7l 550 horsepower diesel engines, a defining characteristic of the Two Oceans 555. You will also note how cleanly laid out and labeled every engine room system is as well as that all outboard engine room surfaces feature removable white aluminum access panels for plumbing and electrical access when you need it, but when not servicing systems offers a clean and white engine space that any captain would be proud to showcase.

The second hull of the Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran has left us in awe of its thoughtful design and luxurious features. From the introduction of the new optional cockpit layout to the impressive flybridge, the on-deck master suite to the crew quarters, this vessel boasts elegance and practicality in every aspect. It truly redefines the standards of luxury power cat cruising, making it an irresistible choice for passionate seafarers.

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