ECLIPSE BUILD UPDATE: 505 Production Accelerates

ECLIPSE BUILD UPDATE: 505 Production Accelerates

By Katie Flanagan   May 7, 2024

HMY Yacht Sales is pleased to share yet another exciting update about the first model in the highly anticipated ECLIPSE Express Cruiser line! Hull #001 of the ECLIPSE 505 is quickly moving through the assembly process and anticipation for arrival late this summer is building! Learn more about the latest updates on hull #001 of the 505 below as we share an inside look at the ECLIPSE 505 factory in Cape Town, South Africa.   Horsepower for ECLIPSE 505. Plant manager standing next to outboard engines. Horsepower 

Three Mercury Verado 600 HP V12s sit in their factory carriers ready to be soon mounted on ECLIPSE 505 Shadow, Hull #001. To put the size of these engines into perspective, Na-aim Fataar, a Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing line manager who is over 6’ tall is standing in front of one of these massive engines. The engines had just arrived late in the morning, and the sight of them created excitement and buzz within all the teams on the plant floor.

  Eclipse factory layout diagram. ECLIPSE 505 Production Line 

The ECLIPSE 505 production line consists of 8 stations on the production line itself, with 5 adjacent stations prior to the production line where both of the 505 hull molds, the stringer grid mold, deck mold, and deck grid mold feed the main production line.  505 hull #001 in the ECLIPSE factory.

In the foreground sits ECLIPSE 505 Hull 1, but as you zoom in you will see the 505s populating the line nearly a football field out in the distance back to 505 hull 4.  Hull 5 is soon to be released from 505 hull mold 2. At that time, hull 1 will slide to the right, and hull 5 will replace hull 4 at the back of the production line as every boat slides up a station.   Before long, the South African NSRI Rescue Launch you see on the right towards the output door will be delivered, and that entire lane will be full of ECLIPSE 505 hulls in build!  An image showing the stunning profile of hull number one of the 505.

A Stunning Profile 

Here is a sneak peek at an ECLIPSE 505 with the deck being test fit on the hull itself before being “flown” by crane to the front of the line, and onto hull 1. Production was double-checking the fitment of hull 1’s deck to hull 4 in the photo above. The ECLIPSE 505 and its tooling are all 5-Axis Router produced, but the team still must ensure fitment before each hull moves down the line.  Seeing the 505 from this angle you can see why Michael Peters calls his design “the modern classic.” 

Contact an HMY Yachts ECLIPSE specialist for more information: 561-448-8500 or visit the ECLIPSE page here. 

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