ECLIPSE 505 Build Update

ECLIPSE 505 Build Update

By Michelle Garzon   February 2, 2024

Join HMY Yacht Sales as we provide a behind-the-scenes look at the ECLIPSE 505 build process taking place in South Africa at Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing. Anticipation is building as we near the World Debut of the ECLIPSE 505 this year at the Newport International Boat Show.  

ECLIPSE 505 Hull #001 Helm Mock-Up 

Alistair Dickson, the ECLIPSE Plant Manager for Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing, sits within the ECLIPSE 505 Helm Mockup on hull #001. He is checking the footprint, and the ergonomics of switches and the plotters, as well as the vantage point from actual heights. 

ECLIPSE 505 Hull #002 Molded Stringer Grid 

Not a common sight in boatbuilding: The ECLIPSE 505 and 605 have dedicated stringer grid molds that create the backbone of each model all at once which is laid up in white gelcoat and resin infused. Building a mold just for a stringer system is not commonplace as it is time-consuming and complex work, but when compared to a method such as milling foam and hand-glassing hundreds of pieces into a hull one piece at a time, the molded method shown here provides next-level uniform construction and hull rigidity. 

ECLIPSE 505 Hull #002 Molded Stringer Grid Installation 

From this vantage point, one can see the complex geometry of not just the hull itself but also the molded grid system as it is lowered into ECLIPSE 505, hull #002. It will sit perfectly within the interior of the hull and be bonded permanently in place. Once bonded, 505 hull #002 will be released from the mold and head to the production line behind 505 hull #001.  From the helm mockup to the intricate grid system, each facet of the ECLIPSE 505 series exemplifies a dedication to craftsmanship, setting a new standard in the world of boatbuilding. Stay tuned for more details and production updates on the exciting new ECLIPSE models. 

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