HMY Yachts – Your Valhalla Dealer in Ocean Reef

HMY Yachts – Your Valhalla Dealer in Ocean Reef

By Michelle Garzon   May 9, 2024

Are you seeking the epitome of boating luxury and performance in the picturesque waters of Ocean Reef and the Florida Keys? Look no further than Valhalla Boatworks, the premier brand in the center console class, delivering an unparalleled fusion of high performance, comfort, quality, and unmatched fishing capabilities. HMY Yacht Sales has an office location conveniently nestled inside Ocean Reef and our Ocean Reef team is ready to assist with all your Valhalla needs.  

Valhalla Boatworks: Redefining Excellence 

Valhalla Boatworks has solidified its position as the leading brand in the center console category, thanks to its revolutionary V-series models. Boasting seven distinct models ranging from 28 to 55 feet, Valhalla ensures there's an option perfectly tailored to every boater's preferences and needs.  

Valhalla Models: 

Whether you're an avid angler in pursuit of the ultimate fishing vessel, a leisure seeker craving exhilarating sport cruising experiences, or a connoisseur of luxury tender boats, the Valhalla V-series promises to exceed your expectations.   

The Perfect Fit for Ocean Reef and the Keys  With its pristine waters, vibrant marine life, and diverse boating opportunities, Ocean Reef and the Florida Keys demand a vessel that can rise to the occasion. Valhalla Boatworks answers this call with its meticulously crafted V-series models, designed to thrive in these unique coastal environments. Their agile maneuverability, exceptional stability, and advanced hull designs ensure a smooth and exhilarating ride, even in challenging conditions. 

Exclusive Representation by HMY Yachts in Ocean Reef 

As the exclusive dealer for Valhalla in Ocean Reef, HMY Yachts takes pride in offering discerning boaters access to the pinnacle of maritime excellence. With Glenn Clyatt, HMY's Ocean Reef Sales Professional and Valhalla Product Specialist, at the helm, customers can expect unparalleled expertise and service. 

With 15 years of experience selling boats, Glenn Clyatt attests to the superiority of Vikings/Valhallas in the industry. Clyatt highlights Valhalla's distinction in both performance and aesthetics, “Valhalla is head and shoulders above anything else in the industry. And they stand out, with the same separation from any other fishing boat, same as Viking.” For Ocean Reef Club members and boating enthusiasts alike, HMY Yachts and Glenn Clyatt serve as trusted partners in realizing their nautical dreams. 

See detailed Valhalla walkthroughs with Glenn here. 

Partnering with HMY Yachts ensures access to these exceptional vessels and the expertise of seasoned professionals like Glenn Clyatt, making your dreams a reality.  To contact Glenn directly, please call (786) 258-2434.

See new Valhalla Models here.  

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned Valhalla, our team at HMY Yacht Sales is more than happy to assist you. See pre-owned Valhallas available now here 

To speak with an HMY New Valhalla Boatworks expert, call us at (843) 892-8800.

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