A Closer Look: The All-New Mercury 5.7L V10 350/400 HP Verado Engine

A Closer Look: The All-New Mercury 5.7L V10 350/400 HP Verado Engine

By Katie Flanagan   December 7, 2022

It is an exhilarating time in the maritime industry, as innovation is at the forefront! Technology and efficiency continue to improve in our world. Mercury recently released the world’s first V10 outboard engines.  

The all-new Mercury 5.7L V10 350/400 HP Verado engines strengthen the legendary Verado engine legacy. These new V10 outboard engines deliver power without any compromises.  

The new V10 Mercury engines set out to bring a smooth, quiet, and refined ride to boaters. And better yet, these engines are said to be 45% quieter than the competitor at cruise.  


The Mercury V10 outboards are powerful. Their 5.7 liters of displacement allows for easy work when propelling heavy vessels. Whether you are accelerating at cruise or powering out of a hole, their exceptional torque hits the moment you drop the throttle. 


V10 Verado outboards have efficiency-enhancing features that optimize fuel economy to extend your range on the water. These outboard engines are calibrated to deliver full performance on 87-octane fuel.  


The all new V10 outboards have Industry-leading technologies that minimize noise, vibration, and harshness.  

Mercury V10 400 HP outboard engines on a valhalla in the water 

Mercury V10 Intuitive and Innovative Features 

  • Effortless Control 
    • Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls deliver smooth, quiet shifting and instant throttle response, with zero hesitation.  
    • Advanced electro-hydraulic steering enhances the driving experience at all speeds, providing complete control.  
  • Exceptionally Smooth and Quiet 
    • Enjoy conversation onboard. The refined Advanced MidSection (AMS) mounting system cradles the powerhead to isolate vibration, while careful tuning dampens induction sounds and nearly eliminates injection noise. 
  • Adaptive Speed Control  
    • This feature lets you maintain engine rpm despite changes in load or conditions. 
  • Precision Gearcase 
    • At high speeds, efficiency and stability are maximized. The hydrodynamic gearcase slips effortlessly through the water. 
    • At low speeds, its large-diameter Revolution X prop grips the water, giving you confidence, authoritative handling. 
  • Advanced Sound Control  
    • An advanced Sound Control feature lets you toggle between an extremely quiet exhaust tone, or for those of you who like the growl of a V10, a throatier growl at startup and idle. 

What Else Does This Mean?  

This is great news for HMY Yacht Sales Valhalla customers! These engines will be offered on NEW Valhalla boats, including the V-33V-37, V-41, and V-46. At HMY we strive to offer our customers the highest quality product and these engines are the perfect fit.  

Click here to view the entire Valhalla model lineup.  


First Valhalla V-33 to be Delivered with All-New Mercury V10 Outboards 

HMY Yacht Sales delivered the first Valhalla V-33 powered with Mercury V10 400 HP engines this December. The Shark Grey V-33 Hull had twin pearly white Mercury V10 400 HP engines sitting on its transom. The business end of this boat would have any boating enthusiast giddy with excitement and ready to send it offshore.  


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