From the Flybridge- Episode #3 The Healey Brothers

From the Flybridge- Episode #3 The Healey Brothers

By Katie Flanagan   April 6, 2021

Another episode of “From the Flybridge” has been released! Listen in as we speak with Justin and Sean Healey as they explain how they are carrying on the boat-building family tradition at Viking. The Healey brothers also dive into the details about the upcoming Key West Viking Challenge, and discuss how they fished the Triple Crown Tournament in a V-41!  You do not want this miss this episode.

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Alexie Creary: Let's point out to listeners that Los Suenos fishing obviously is incredible. It's a long haul and how the the V 41 Valhalla kept up and not only kept up but surpassed all expectations performed well, can you speak to that?

Sean Healey: Absolutely. Being down there and especially where the 41 was located when you're walking down the ramp, it's the first thing that you see is right there on your left hand side.

Alexie Creary: Talk about a head turner.

Sean Healey: Exactly, there was no missing it. There was no missing it, and it really was able to put our fit and finish on display a right there for everybody to see it. These guys, they've got the big 60 foot sport fish all the way up to 80 feet, sometimes 90 feet there. They've always got to have a little tender to play around on. And the product that we've put out there's just nothing. that comes close to the fit and finish the ride, the performance, the handling, it's all there. It's all boxes are checked, even if we don't have our Viking yacht owners or we have our Viking yacht owners obviously diving into our product head first. But then to also maybe take some of these custom guys and show them what we do and how we build both. That's really where we get our satisfaction is also getting some other market share as well.

Alexie Creary: Would you say, Justin, that you see exactly what Sean saying is people entering the industry through Valhalla?

Justin Healey: No, it's the ultimate feeder program just to be able to meet new people through the Valhalla brand And just like Sean said, get them in and show them what we're about. It's one big Viking family. We're getting ready to go to the Viking Key West challenge here in another week and a half or so. And that's probably with all of our family members. It's got to be up there with one of our favorite tournaments because it's just an opportunity to wind down after a tough I mean, just all the boat shows, all the winter tournaments and everything, just to be able to go down there and see all the Viking owners and our vendors will come down. And we just really have just an absolutely great time. And our slogan for the tournament is it's more than just fishing. So we encourage a lot of the families to come, and I'm really looking forward to it.

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