Navigating the Waters of Change: The Revolution of Onboard Water Purification in Yachting

Navigating the Waters of Change: The Revolution of Onboard Water Purification in Yachting

By HMY Contributor   January 22, 2024

For decades, the story of onboard water in the marine and pleasure yachting industry remained largely the same, marked by traditional practices and minimal innovation. Traditionally, vessels preferred desalinated seawater or water-maker water as their preferred water source and dock water secondary. This preference was due to its purity compared to dock water from marinas and municipalities. However, the landscape of onboard water has been dramatically transformed by Spot Zero's patented technological advancements. These innovations have revolutionized the yachting experience in ways you may have never considered.  

The Traditional Tide: Desalinated Seawater

For decades, the go-to solution for fresh water onboard was desalination. The process, while effective in providing a purer form of water compared to highly questionable and contaminated dock water, came with its set of challenges. The largest issue being its restriction on using the water maker anywhere other than open ocean. This limitation forces boaters enjoying their time at a marina or mooring to rely on dock water which may raise concerns due to its questionable quality and effect on a vessel and its guests health.

A Technological Wave: The Rise of Doublepass

Spot Zero pioneered a groundbreaking advancement in marine water purification: the water purifier, (not to be confused with a water softener). This innovative approach solved the challenge of boaters needing to rely on contaminated dock water. Its unique process allows to purify dock water and desalinated seawater through a dual-stage process called doublepass. The result of this approach is high-purity water that often exceeds the standards of bottled water essential for the maintenance and longevity of the vessel. Following the water purifier, Spot Zero introduced its most sought-after system the XZII combination system blending its SeaXchange water maker line along with its water purifier to create a complete water treatment system capable of treating water from sea or dock into high purity and spot-free water known as “Spot Zero Water”.

The Spectrum of Purity: Understanding the Various Qualities of Marine Water

Seawater contains near 35,000 PPM primarily of salt, which is unsuitable for living. In contrast, water treated by a water maker is significantly purer, reducing this to a more manageable range of 100-500 PPM, making it better for onboard purposes, though it still falls short of bottled water quality. Dock water varies more widely, with quality ranging from 150 to 3,000 PPM. It often contains a mix of hard minerals, chlorine, metals, and bacteria, which not only complicates vessel maintenance but also poses health risks for onboard guests. The XZII system stands out by being able to treat both seawater and dock water to exceptionally low levels, often below 20 PPM, rivaling the purity of bottled water. This advanced purification significantly reduces the burden of maintenance and enhances the safety and comfort of those onboard.

Left: Dock water in Fort Lauderdale, FL Right: Spot Zero Water

The Benefits: A Sea of Advantages

The advanced purity achieved by “Spot Zero Water” purification brings a host of highly sought-after benefits, making it a favorite among owners, captains, and crew members. This superior water quality not only eases daily maintenance but also substantially cuts down costs. Its spot-free properties significantly reduce the time spent drying the vessel, preserving expensive paint jobs and extending their lifespan. The purer water minimizes corrosion and buildup on both interior and exterior finishes, leading to more efficient appliances and eliminating mineral scaling. Onboard life is further enhanced by crystal clear ice production and improved drinkability, reducing the reliance on bottled water and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. Health benefits are notable too, with occupants experiencing less dry skin and hair, and enjoying spotless shower glass and dishware. Overall, this level of water purity ensures not just the vessel’s longevity but also the comfort and well-being of everyone on board.

Sailing into the Future

The shift towards advanced water purification systems like Spot Zero’s XZII Combination system represents a significant milestone in the yachting industry. It reflects a growing commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and the health of both the vessels and their occupants. As we sail into the future, embracing these technologies becomes not just an option, but a necessity for anyone serious about the quality of their on-board life, longevity of their vessels and industry sustainability.


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