The RiteAire Marine™ Whole-Boat Dehumidification System Is the Key to Fresh and Healthy Yacht Indoor Air Quality

The RiteAire Marine™ Whole-Boat Dehumidification System Is the Key to Fresh and Healthy Yacht Indoor Air Quality

By HMY Contributor   January 2, 2024

Have you ever walked into your yacht and smelled something unpleasant in the air or seen a slick of condensation on the counter? Have you woken up on board to find the towels and carpets are damp? Have you or any of your guests suffered from red, itchy eyes and a scratchy throat during a weekend trip?

These and other negative effects of high humidity can impact even the best-maintained yacht.

Excess humidity in a yacht’s interior can lead to mold growth in hidden places, noxious odors, saggy headliners and damaged wall coverings and furniture. It can allow viruses to linger in the air and create an unhealthy atmosphere on board.

Scientific studies have shown that the “healthy zone” for indoor air quality is 40 to 50 percent relative humidity (RH). Reducing the humidity to this level minimizes the presence of mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the environment.

What many boat owners don’t realize is that their vessel’s air conditioning system is not equipped to reduce relative humidity to these levels. Conventional marine air conditioning systems and even most chilled-water systems can only lower the humidity in a yacht’s interior to about 65 percent RH, especially in climates like Florida, the Gulf Coast and The Bahamas, where relative humidity easily reaches 85 percent in the summertime. Many yacht owners use portable dehumidifiers, but these freestanding units only work in a limited area and take up space in inconvenient places.

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

When Ted Reese, owner of a Viking 61 Enclosed Bridge, kept experiencing health problems after sleeping on board in high humidity, he teamed up with professional marine services provider Hector Escardo to find a healthy interior air solution for his yacht. Together they developed the RiteAire Marine™ Whole-Boat Dehumidification System, which has been awarded three U.S. patents to date.


How It Works

The RiteAire Marine™ Dehumidification System works by drawing moist air in through an optimum point in the yacht. The RAM 3 Dehumidifier Unit lowers interior humidity by 35% per pass. The system distributes dry air via the yacht’s ductwork to the main salon, staterooms and other areas on board. The dry air supply mixes with moist air and the system recirculates the moist air back to the dehumidifier unit. This cycle continues automatically, reducing humidity, moisture, VOCs, odors, viruses, bacteria and mold spores in the yacht’s interior until the relative humidity (RH) set point programmed into the system is reached. Most yacht owners prefer a set point of 45 RH. When the humidity rises above this level, the RiteAire Marine Dehumidification System automatically comes on and lowers the humidity back to the set point.

Since it was founded in 2013, RiteAire Marine™ has installed its Whole-Boat Dehumidification System in nearly every model of Viking Yacht, as well as in 16 other yacht brands.

“We also pride ourselves in the partnerships we have developed over the years with prestigious builders such as Viking and customer-centric dealers like HMY,” Reese said. “They know that installing a RiteAire Marine Dehumidification System in your boat will keep it healthy inside and looking and smelling fresh.”

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