Viking Yachts Continues To Lead Sportfish Sales In the U.S. Market

Viking Yachts Continues To Lead Sportfish Sales In the U.S. Market

By HMY   May 12, 2016

For the better part of a century, Viking Yachts have been the gold standard in tournament sportfishing yachts and luxury motor yachts. From custom-crafted tuna towers to lavish entertainment space to meticulously designed luxury trimmings, the designers at the Viking Yachts factory in Bass River, NJ are masters at their craft. While things like quality, price, and construction are important factors when making a decision on the purchase of a sportfish or motor yacht, re-sale value is also generally high on the list. Will there be someone in the market to purchase your boat when you are ready to trade it in? If its a Viking, the answer is most likely, yes.

According to Statistical Surveys, Inc. data reports, between 2008 and 2015 no other sportfishing or center-console brand sold more boats over 40' in the U.S. than Viking Yachts. In fact, Viking sold more sportfish yachts than Hatteras Yachts, Cabo Yachts, Bertram Yachts, and Ocean Yachts combined. Between serious tournament anglers and the recreational fishermen that enjoy the sport with a bit of luxury, the market has spoken and Viking Yachts is the undisputed leader. And during this stretch, no other company has sold and listed more new and used Viking Yachts than HMY.

Chart of new Viking Yachts sold


The Viking Yachts company now has 5 decades behind the helm, designing, manufacturing and fishing the world’s greatest sportfish and motor yachts. With a diverse fleet of options spanning enclosed bridge convertible yachts, motor yachts, open bridge convertible yachts, open series yachts and sport yachts, Viking doesn’t just dominate one category of vessels. The options they provide are as wide open as the waters you’re cruising. Part of the reason for their continued success is the state-of-the-art 862,000 square foot manufacturing facility in New Jersey with over 1,400 employees dedicated to providing the world's foremost yachting experience.

Peter Frederiksen, Viking Yachts longtime Marketing Director, commented on the success the company has, "As a privately-owned and family-operated company, Viking is first and foremost about boat building and has been for over 52 years. The vertically integrated company produces 90 percent of what goes into every boat at the factory. From design, mold making to boat building and completion, Viking is hands on throughout the entire process. We utilize an extensive demo program putting several boats through hundreds of hours of offshore tournament sportfishing every year, making sure everything works as it should and always aiming at building a better boat every day. We have our own electronics company to do those sophisticated installations right at the factory and a tuna tower company that designs and builds custom aluminum tuna towers, fiberglass hardtops and other accessories enabling us to deliver every boat turnkey ready from 42 to 92 feet. We introduce two to three new models every year and have the most modern and youngest fleet in the industry."

During this time-span, it is also noteworthy to look at the market segments that did the best for Viking and other brands. The graph below breaks up each sportfishing yacht grand into 3 segments, 40'-49', 50'-59', and 60'-100'. 

Viking Yachts for sale by length

Brothers Bill and Bob Healey founded the Viking Yacht Company in 1964, and to this day it remains family owned and operated by Patrick Healey, current Viking President. Viking Yachts does most of its manufacturing in-house, resulting in an unparalleled level of quality control from concept to finished yacht.

The reputation the Healey brothers have built over the last 52 years is untouchable. Ask any Viking sport fishing yacht owner, and you’ll quickly learn that the luxury brand is renowned for its quality, craftsmanship and leadership, and it starts with Bill and Bob. 

“My experience with HMY and the Viking Service department has been Amazing! I’m seriously considering trading up to the Viking 52.”
- Jorge, Viking 42’ Sportfish, HMY Customer.


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