The New and Improved OKEAN Yachts’ Factory

The New and Improved OKEAN Yachts’ Factory

By HMY Contributor   January 6, 2022

The innovative and environmentally responsible luxury yacht builder has recently made an advantageous move. OKEAN Yachts has moved to a bigger and better yacht factory so that they can continue to grow and produce trend-setting, state-of-the-art yachts. This move has helped OKEAN focus on its main values of individuality and quality, as well as its mission of eco-consciousness. Take a look at who OKEAN is, why they made this move, and what is going on inside of their new shipyard. 

Who is OKEAN? 

OKEAN has set itself apart by remaining environmentally responsible and protecting the reason customers purchase their yachts — to enjoy the outdoors. As a young, and emerging boat builder, OKEAN made its mark in the industry by always prioritizing authenticity and creating innovative designs like the “Open Up Your World” concept, which is all about creating a connection to the natural environment.  

With the help of this move, OKEAN can continue to exceed customer expectations, and help more customers enjoy these beautifully designed vessels. The new factory is on the waterfront and features a large, 25-foot-long mural of a whale on the side of the building, with a diver touching the whale, signifying OKEAN’s connection with the ocean experience and to remain environmentally friendly. 

Why Did OKEAN Move?  

This move will benefit OKEAN in a myriad of ways, from production capabilities and access to top talent, to easier water trials and higher visibility among high-net-worth individuals.  

The location of the shipyard couldn’t be more perfect. Located about eight miles north of Balneário (the Miami Beach of Brazil) in Santa Catarina state, near the Port of Itajai,  it’s a well-established manufacturing region, with other luxury yacht and auto builders (BMW, Mercedes) are already present there.  

Not only does the new shipyard have a wonderful location, but the building itself has many resources for OKEAN. They now have access to a travel lift, making it easy to handle raw materials and launch vessels. The shipyard is sure to make delivery and service for all parties involved quite an experience.

How Is OKEAN Growing? 

In terms of brand growth, this is a big move for OKEAN. The amount that OKEAN is growing physically from their move cannot be overstated.  

The entire property currently is 301,400 sq. ft., with expansion possibilities. The factory is 43,100 sq. ft. and is currently being expanded to 75,350 sq. ft. Expansion #2 will start in March 2022 and will bring the new OKEAN factory to a total of 107,650 sq. ft. Overall, they will have increased their factory size by 85-90%.  

The move has also given them the chance to order a 225k ton travel lift — the biggest hoist on the east coast of South America, south of Rio — and will allow them to do refits on OKEANs and other models as well.  

The increased space also opened up new production capabilities. OKEAN partnered with a foreign yacht manufacturer to assemble their yachts in Brazil for local buyers, creating a powerhouse international partnership.  

OKEAN’s Team 

OKEAN, always a people-first company (they facilitated 30 key employees and their families to move to the new location in Itajai), can now offer an even better employee experience and has access to a much deeper talent pool for their increased production aspirations. OKEAN currently has 180 employees with plans to hire 80 more employees from the Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, and Florianopolis areas. 

The modern, high-tech facility has a new cafeteria and new classrooms to train new employees and where vendors can come in and teach employees about new parts, products, processes, and more.  

What’s Next for OKEAN?  

With everything they do, OKEAN prioritizes quality over quantity. Keeping this in mind, as well as recent production delays, they are aiming to build 24 boats in 2022.  

To keep up with demand during production delays, OKEAN’s forward-looking leadership is buying extra supplies and doing everything to deliver new yachts to their new owners while continuing the OKEAN experience.  

For now, while hulls are being laid out at the factory, molds for new vessels are being made off-site, and they plan to bring everything in-house as soon as the factory extension is complete. Keep a lookout for what OKEAN is doing next so that you don’t miss the next best thing in the luxury yacht industry.  

Explore new horizons, and transform your mind and imagination. To learn more about OKEAN Yachts, visit - or contact an HMY OKEAN Product Specialist at 561-758-2799.

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