Selling Your Custom Sportfishing Boat

Selling Your Custom Sportfishing Boat

By HMY Contributor   July 20, 2017

"HMY Yacht Sales lists and sells more custom boats than any other brokerage firm." - Scott Levin, HMY Yacht Sales Professional.


Buying a custom sportfishing boat can be a daunting task, one that requires patience, a firm understanding of your wants and needs in the boat, and of course, money. The process of building a custom boat is like starting with a blank sheet of paper. Not only does the design of the boat need to be drawn, but every feature, component, fixture, and detail needs to be decided by the owner. Having a knowledgeable broker to guide you through this process and negotiate on your behalf with the builder can be a huge asset and take away much of the stress of going through the experience. The end result is a completely unique boat unlike any other vessel on the water. So what happens when you're ready to sell a custom boat? How do you choose the right yacht brokerage firm that has custom boat experts on staff? As HMY Yacht Sales Professional Glenn Clyatt says in the video, "Custom boats are expensive. Why would you entrust your multi-million dollar boat to someone that's part time?" At HMY, we have the most experienced, professional team of full-time yacht brokers in the industry and our custom boat experience is unmatched.

Here are 5 reasons why HMY is the best professional brokerage firm to list your custom sportfishing boat.


 1.) Our Team Of Experienced, Full-Time Yacht Brokers

"At the age of 18 I went out and got my Captain's license and have never looked back," says Dave Meyer, 20 year industry veteran with HMY. Dave Berard chimes in, "I started off in the business at 19 years old as a boat captain and I ran mostly all custom boats." "I spent the next 27 years traveling around the world on custom sportfishing boats," says Scott Levin. At HMY, we have 45 of the most professional full-time yacht brokers on staff, many of which grew up as captains on custom boats and fished in some of the most exotic destinations in the world. The average tenure of our team is over 20 years in the business. Who better to help you sell your custom boat than an expert who has a personal relationship with the builder, has gone through the process of building custom boats before, and has a large network of other captains and crew that can help get your boat sold faster. "Nobody has had more experience in running (custom boats) or selling them than the team at HMY," says Meyer.


2.) No One Will Market Your Custom Boat Like HMY

Being one of the largest yacht brokerage firms in the world has its advantages, one of which is our ability to market your custom boat creatively, effectively, and with enough budget behind it to make a difference. Smaller brokerage firms simply do not have the marketing capabilities or money to compete. At HMY, we have arguably the top marketing team in the industry combined with a "Madison Avenue" creative agency for support. Presentation is key, and HMY will make your custom boat look spectacular through our professional photography and drone videography. Getting enough exposure is key and this is where HMY really separates itself. Whether you are looking on Google, social media, industry sites like, or through many of the major print publications like Marlin, PMY, and In The Bite, HMY has the most dominant presence of any brokerage firm. Here's an example of a video on a 76' Whiticar Custom Boat that we then marketed through a variety of online and print channels. The boat was recently sold. Contact us today to receive a market evaluation and individual, strategic advertising plan for your vessel.


3.) HMY Participates In Every Major Fishing Tournament 

If you are trying to decide what brokerage firm to use when listing your custom boat, selecting someone who is actively fishing in major tournaments every year is imperative. HMY participates in every major sportfishing event including Skip Smith's Tournaments like the Production Vs. Custom Shootout and the Abaco Beach Blue Marlin Tournament. Fishing tournaments provide an opportunity for our team to get in front of other custom boat owners, talk about their boats, and expand their network of potential buyers and sellers. "The guys like to get together and they talk about each others' boats. We know everyone in the business so when we go over to The Custom Boat Shootout we know all the builders, we know most of the customers, it is a network of people for sure," says Dave Berard.

(Pictured below are the residents of the Ocean Reef Club welcoming back the fishermen competing in the Ocean Reef Reef Cup Tournament.)

4.) Your Custom Boat Will Receive More Exposure With HMY At Boat Shows

If you have ever walked the docks at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, Yachts Miami Beach, or the Palm Beach Boat Show, you may have gotten lost in the sea of teal-colored HMY flags that seem to go on forever. That's because HMY has the largest footprint of any yacht brokerage firm at 3 of the major boat shows worldwide, particularly the Palm Beach Boat Show which has recently become a favorite of boat buyers. Our clients who put their boat into the show with us take advantage of the extensive pre-show marketing which can even result in a contract before the show starts! Having a large display at the show generates more interested buyers in our display and ultimately more sales for our clients. The video below is from the previous Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

 5.) HMY Gets Results For Our Custom Boat Clients

The proof is in the results. Here are just some of HMY's recent custom boat sales:

2009 Sea Force IX 83'
2012 Bayliss 80' Sportfish
2009 Rybovich 78' Sportfish
2005 Whiticar 76' Sportfish
2007 Merritt 72' Sportfish
2003 Ricky Scarborough 70'
2004 Paul Mann 68' Sportfish
2005 Paul Mann 65' Custom Boat
2002 Rybovich 65' Sportfish
2001 Paul Mann 63' Sportfish
2010 Weaver Boatworks 63'
2009 Spencer Yachts 62'
1997 Garlington 61' Sportfish
1988 Jim Smith 60' Sportfish
2002 Ritchie Howell 58'
1999 Merritt 58' Custom
2010 Buddy Davis 52'
1999 Sonny Briggs 52'
2011 R&R Boatworks 44'
2002 Gamefisherman 42'
2000 Ryco 39' Express

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