HMY Yachts Exceeds $61 Million in Monthly Brokerage Sales

HMY Yachts Exceeds $61 Million in Monthly Brokerage Sales

By Lacey Hagler   May 4, 2018

When Steve Moynihan founded HMY Yachts in 1979, he knew he would work hard to grow the company as much as possible, but he had no idea it would expand into one of the largest, most successful yacht sales organizations in the United States.

It’s no secret that HMY Yacht Sales Professionals are the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, and hard-working in the industry, which is why we produce the numbers to back it up. April of 2018 was a stellar month for HMY Yachts, as we sold 36 brokerage and pre-owned vessels ringing in at an impressive sales total of $61,700,000. To put size into perspective, if we were to line up all brokerage and pre-owned boats sold last month from bow to stern, we’d have an LOA of about six football fields.

With April 2018 brokerage and pre-owned boat sales ranging from a 23’ Regulator to a 100’ Ocean Alexander, HMY Yachts has been built to be the most diverse yacht brokerage in the game with a wide array of different brokers who specialize in each wheelhouse.



Most people already know HMY Yachts for our sportfishing prowess, most notably as the Viking Yachts industry experts. However, yachts larger than 70', including luxury motoryachts and megayachts, accounted for 73% of our total sales in April of 2018. Our budding luxury center console brokerage is also growing rapidly, partially due to increase in demand for yacht tenders. We have dominated across the board, selling everything from an $8.9 million yacht to a $230,000 center console. A few highlights of the past month are listed below.


Image 2070: irresistible too
“Irresistible Too,” a 2017 100’ Ocean Alexander, was the largest of our yachts sold in April 2018 by HMY Yacht Sales Professional Pat Kelly with an asking price of $7,995,000.

If you’re wondering what our most popular size of sold brokerage boat was, it also happened to be the second largest of the month, as we sold three 92’ yachts- 92’ Viking “Timeless,” 92’ Mangusta “Miss Moneypenny,” and 92’ Pershing “Excellence IV." 


Image 2068: timeless

“Timeless,” a 2017 92’ Viking Convertible Enclosed Bridge, was sold by HMY Yacht Sales Professional Steve Moynihan with an asking price of $8,900,000.


Image 2067: Miss Moneypenny

“Miss Moneypenny,” a 2016 92’ Mangusta Express, was sold by HMY Yacht Sales Professional Jack Robertson with an asking price of $7,600,000.


Image 2071: C387EBA4-432E-40E5-B5C5-9B2CAA886E73

“Excellence IV,” a 2014 92’ Pershing, was sold by HMY Yacht Sales Professionals Ale Navarro and Tony Maggio with an asking price of $5,990,000.


Image 2072: Weaver

“J’s at Sea,” a 2018 90’ Weaver Sportfish, was sold by HMY Yacht Sales Professional Dave Meyer with an asking price of $8,950,000.


Image 2074: Neverland
“Neverland,” a 2014 72’ Princess V72 Express, was sold by HMY Yacht Sales Professionals Tony Maggio and Greg Hunt with an asking price of $2,599,000.


Image 2066: Invincible
Our largest center console sold last month was a 2014 42’ Invincible, sold by HMY Yacht Sales Professional Brian Weaver with an asking price of $379,000.


Why HMY Dominates

Steve Moynihan's family owned business has flourished into one of the largest yacht brokerage companies in the world and now has 12 sales locations, 4 service locations, and a team of over 90 dedicated marketing, sales, support, and service professionals. While our customers are taken care of with the highest standards in the industry, it all stems from a family-oriented supportive company atmosphere contributing to enthusiastic teamwork and high employee retention.

At HMY Yachts, we pride ourselves in commitment to our customers by not only representing them in the buying and selling process, but also the relationship after the transaction is complete. HMY dominates the market by working hard to stay ahead of the game in all aspects of the yachting and boating industry, and we cordially invite you to profit off of our success by listing your yacht with us.

Contact or stop into one of our 12 locations today from Ocean Reef to Charleston, SC to meet with one of our friendly and knowledgable HMY Yacht Sales Professionals.

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