HMY Outclasses The Competition In Luxury Center Console And Outboard Segment

HMY Outclasses The Competition In Luxury Center Console And Outboard Segment

By HMY   May 14, 2018

It’s well established that HMY is the leader in listing and selling more sportfish yachts than any other firm. What may not be as well known is that HMY also excels in the large, high-end, luxury center console and outboard cruising boat segment, particularly vessels over 30 feet and $150,000, such as this robust, beautiful 43’ Everglades and this sleek, powerful 47’ Intrepid.

HMY sold 58 outboards in 2017 and has already sold 24 in the first quarter of 2018.

2012 Yellowfin 39' for sale by HMY Yacht Sales Professional Mark Mitchell: 407-435-6982.

All HMY brokers sell these striking center consoles, and to meet customer demand while continuing to offer their industry-leading customer service, HMY recently added broker Andy Simmons, a center console expert who’s fanatical about these behemoths and what they offer offshore fishermen (his current center console of choice is a 34’ Yellowfin, by far his favorite; “I’ve never quite had one I enjoyed more than this one. It’s got a fantastic ride and handles the rough crossing back from the Bahamas easily.”)

Just as with buying a sportfish yacht, HMY’s experienced brokers know the type of vessel a customer purchases ultimately comes down to personal preference, and as they do with every customer, their aim is to exceed expectations and help the clients through the buying process with their renowned world-class service, hustle, professionalism, and attention to detail.

2016 Sea Hunter 45' for sale by HMY Yacht Sales Professional Chris Vacchio: 772-263-0547.

HMY’s network of more than 45 skilled and tenured brokers allows HMY customers access to the hottest, most exclusive listings around the world, ensuring buyers end up with the exact boat they want, with no compromises. “When shopping for an upscale center console, HMY is your go-to place. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with a customer looking for a hard-to-find center console and they find what they are looking for right here,” proclaims Andy.

Another well-known fact about HMY is the family atmosphere and loyalty and respect for one another that have been in place since Steve Moynihan founded the company in the late 70s. Andy credits this as another unique reason HMY is well-suited to dominate the luxury center console market.

“The internal network we have at HMY between all of the brokers is like no other. We communicate daily, letting each other know what we are looking for and what we have. These conversations produce off-market product available only to our customers,” says Andy.

2016 Boston Whaler 33' for sale by HMY Yacht Sales Professional Mike Scalisi: 954-650-3706.

One thing Andy and other brokers frequently encounter is people thinking that buying or selling a center console doesn’t require a broker. However, he offers this advice: “It doesn’t cost you anything to buy your boat from HMY. You get our expert guidance and we handle the entire process making it seamless and stress free. It always pays to have HMY protect you in a transaction.”

To learn more about buying with HMY, click here.

In the next piece in our center console / outboard series, we’ll dive into consideration points owners will want to weight if they’re considering transitioning from a large center console to a sportfish. Stay tuned!

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