Get To Know an HMY Viking Product Specialist: Rob Spano

By Kimberly Smith   May 14, 2024

Listen in as Logan Pryor, HMY's Viking Brand Advisor, interviews Viking Product Specialist, Rob Spano! They talk about Rob's extensive background as a captain, his love for the 68' Viking, the best parts of the build process to him, and so much more!

Logan Pryor: Hi, Iā€™m Logan Pryor with HMY Yachts. We're here today with Rob Spano, our broker of the month on the New Viking Product Team and we're just going to spend a couple minutes with Rob to get to know him and all of his experiences with Viking.

Rob Spano: Thanks for having me, Logan. Happy to be here this morning!

Logan Pryor: So Rob you have an extensive amount of experience in the industry, specifically with Vikings and in the tournament circuit and all around the industry, but how did you end up at HMY?

Rob Spano: It started when I was a boat captain, you know, during my 20-year career I had the opportunity to build 7 new Vikings so that really helped me with a base on understanding the build process and then that easily translated into my yacht broker career, where now I get to build a couple of new boats a year. I understand the process. I know all the players involved. I feel like I have a lot of knowledge that I can pass along to the clients and help them through the process.

Logan Pryor: Definitely! So, out of all the Vikings that you've been around you've been a captain on anything from a 65 to a 92, what's been your favorite model?

Rob Spano: Right now, my favorite model would be the 68 because of the layout. Number one, I really like the open galley, I like the crew stateroom access into the engine room, as well as, the size of the engine compartment. I really like the sea keeping ability, the speed, and of course the maneuverability, and in short, I feel the 68 really checks all the boxes. It is the ultimate fishing package.

Logan Pryor: You also have a lot of experience building new Vikings and you're known as someone who can take a build from start to finish. You're very detail oriented and hands-on with the clients. What's your favorite part of the new build process for Vikings?

Rob Spano: My favorite part is usually when we get to go to the factory for the first time with a client. They get to see the factory and the production lines. They're always impressed with the amount of in-house production that Viking does on the vessels. In the fine-tuning of the build each client gets to really choose their little nuances and that makes the boat feel like it was their custom build and that is always a satisfying thing for them and as well as myself. They're really enjoying it and they get to put their touch on the boat.

Logan Pryor: Rob, last but not least, what is your most memorable Viking memory?

Rob Spano: I would say my most memorable Viking memory would be back in 2014 when the 92ā€™ came out and debuted at the Viking VIP Dealer Meeting. That was a lot of fun because it was the first time I got to operate the boat and go through everything that we had done during the build process. It was a huge undertaking for Viking, as well as a huge accomplishment. That was a big project and they were very proud of it. I was happy to be a part of it. As far as a fishing memory, I would say fishing one of the Bakers Bay tournaments with the Viking Demo Team, Pat Healey, and Steve Moynihan. We caught a slam one day; it was a lot of fun. That was on an 80 demo it was a was a memorable day.

Logan Pryor: Rob, thanks so much for your time, we really appreciate it. What's the best way for somebody to get in touch with you if they want to learn more about Viking or HMY?

Rob Spano: The best way to get in touch with me is my cell phone. Of course, you can always email me at HMY. I always look forward to talking to people about new builds or even used Vikings in today's market. Insert Rob's cell and HMY email here.

Logan Pryor: Perfect, that's great! Rob, thanks so much for your time we really appreciate you being here and thanks everyone for being with us today and joining us we'll see you next time one!

Contact HMY Yacht Sales Professional Rob Spano at (561) 262-3683 or [email protected] for questions on all things Viking Yachts or HMY!

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