Fishing His Way Home: The Story of One HMY Client and His New 2021 Viking 44 Open

Fishing His Way Home: The Story of One HMY Client and His New 2021 Viking 44 Open

By HMY Contributor   April 26, 2024

Of all the dilemmas you might face in life, finding a way to get your new boat home certainly doesn’t sound like the worst of them. But it is a scenario that calls for careful planning — and just maybe, an opportunity to have a little fun along the way.

At least, this is how longtime HMY customer Jay Cobb saw it. Jay and his wife recently purchased a 2021 Viking 44 Open from HMY Yachts Sales Professional George Ivey in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The challenge: The Cobbs’ home is 320 miles north, in Jacksonville. While it would have been a straight drive up the interstate, trailering a boat of this size is neither the safest nor most practical option. The simplest solution was to take to Florida’s coastal waterways — after all, this is what boats are made for.

But why stop there? If you’re going to cruise almost the entirety of Florida’s coastline, you might as well wet a line while you’re at it. And so, our story begins.

A 24-Hour Fishing Trip: Mahi, Marlin, and More

“That’s the way to break a boat in,” says Jay of his maiden voyage with FULLABULL (a nod to the nickname Mrs. Cobb once lovingly gave him: “Chief Fullabull”). After departing Fort Lauderdale in the wee hours of the morning, he and his friends made their way north, putting their lines out once they reached the east side of the Gulf Stream. With the winds behind them and the music playing, they traveled smoothly up the coastline, hooking a couple of mahi on the way.

Things went from easy-breezy to high-octane intensity, however, when it came to landing the blue marlin a bit later on the journey. Anyone who has ever caught one of these massive fish can attest to the “total chaos” Jay speaks of when he describes the fight they encountered. He estimates the battle lasted an hour or so before they were finally able to bring in this magnificent beast of the sea, weighing about 200 pounds. Certainly, excellent practice for his upcoming tournaments, not to mention a nice catch for an inaugural journey with his new Viking.

“It’s a Cadillac of a boat,” he says of FULLABULL. Indeed, the 44-foot Viking was a prize catch on its own: It runs like a dream, has a spacious cockpit, and is essentially a flawless turnkey boat. While Jay had originally looked at a 42-foot model, in the end he determined he wanted a bit more space. The 44 is a rare gem that tends to be much harder to come by, but HMY’s extensive reach in the industry helped. Within a couple of days, George had one ready for Jay to look at, and after a sea trial, it was a clear match.

Longtime Friends & Family Connections

This wasn’t Jay’s first encounter with George, however, nor with HMY. The two have known each other since junior high, having lived just a few miles apart growing up. Later in life, they’d see each other from time to time while out running speedboats in the 1980s. When Jay’s father listed his 55 Viking, they reconnected and George sold that for him.

The Cobb family has owned several Viking Yachts over the years: the 55, a 47, and now the 44. Their family business, Coastal Shower Doors, even served as a Viking supplier for some time. Jay worked his way up through the organization before it was sold in 2021, and his new boat is now equipped with shower doors from his old company — perhaps a fitting ode to the hard work that got him here.

Fishing North Florida with the Best in Boating

It’s no secret that Florida has some of the best fishing in the U.S. — and some might argue, in the world. When it comes to the hotspots, we often think of the Keys, south Florida, and the Gulf Coast. Upper-coastal areas like Jacksonville don’t always go completely overlooked, but fishing in north Florida does seem to be a bit underrated. 

Now, however, anglers are catching on.

Having grown up in Jacksonville, George has seen the region’s growth firsthand. While it’s one of the biggest cities in the state, it also has outstanding opportunities for boating and fishing, both saltwater and freshwater. Its position at the mouth of the St. Johns River offers fantastic catches, including cobia, redfish, king mackerel, and black drum. But if you prefer leisurely jaunts over sportfishing, you’re in good company, too: with waterfront restaurants, unique marine life, and countless spots ideal for cruising, north Florida is a premier boating destination for everyone.

Like Jay, you’ll need the right boat to see you through all these adventures, however. Through HMY’s extensive reach and our convenient locations, including Jacksonville, we’ll find your dream boat with ease. Contact George Ivey at (904) 476-7831 or [email protected] to explore our selection of Viking Yachts and our Jacksonville location.

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