Fish Tales and Boat Sales: Meet Mark Mitchell of HMY Yacht Sales

By Katie Flanagan   July 5, 2022

As a third-generation, Florida native, fishing runs deep in HMY Yacht Sales Professional Mark Mitchell’s upbringing in the Sunshine state. Mitchell worked his way from the Louisiana Gulf Coast to the scattered islands in the Bahamas, mating and captaining a variety of vessels. Later to join sportfishing operations that traveled to fishing destinations that may bare stories equivalent to the tales of Ernest Hemmingway. Mark Mitchell found himself at the helm and working as a full-time captain when he decided to make the transition to a yacht broker.    

Marlin Fishing on Sportfish with a blue marlin next to the boat.

“There comes a point in time in your life where you have a family and can’t travel as much, and our breed just falls into yacht brokerage. The next best thing to working at the helm is working for a company like HMY. I’ve been with HMY since 2009. The rest is history.” says Mitchell.    

From a young age, Mark found himself pondering how he would find himself on a large sportfish. Years later, he had the answer to that question and the experience and resources to share as well.   Mark Mitchell was fortunate enough to travel and fish destinations such as Australia, Central America, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Panama, and the Turks and Caicos gathering a great deal of knowledge he is now able to share with his clients today.    

Blacklisted sportfish in lizard island with a crew of men.

“It helps to know the fishing destinations and the background as a mate and a captain in order to talk knowledgeably to the owners and crews. That also carries over to the cruising owners in being able to talk to them about destinations.”    

Mr. LTD Viking Sportfish moving in colorful water.

Not only did Mitchell retain shareable knowledge on his travels but connections as well.    

“Being able to call the right people is critical. You know they are going to do the right job and at a good price is important.” Mark had a client stuck in Chub Cay with no steering on a 64 Viking. I was able to make a few calls and have the steering ram on a plane and in Chub Cay the next day.”    

Knowledge and resources executed correctly in the maritime industry are crucial to great service. Mitchell prides himself on his ability to provide stand-out service over the past decade.  

“I would say that working in the industry from a young age, I have been able to make great contacts and relationships. This has transpired into referrals and even friendships.”     

Mark Mitchell and friends on the boat, "Mr.LTD".

These client relationships have been built over the compilation of Mitchell’s experience, background, and knowledge over the years now leading him to fishing destinations with clients to places such as Lizard Island and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and the famous Walker's Cay. Mitchell has experienced some of the best billfishing in search of marlin. Most recently he fished with his client turned close friend onboard the 2015 Viking 70’ “Mr.LTD” and secured second place overall and the second place daily during the Abaco Beach Blue Marlin Tournament.   

Walker's Cay Marina at sunset.

From being a private and charter boat captain, fishing around the world, Mark Mitchell’s passion runs deep, back to his Florida roots fishing as a young kid on a 16-foot skiff with his father Van Mitchell. His passion is now able to be shared with clients who have become like family. With his resources and experience, Mark is here to guide his clients through the entire process.    

Mark Mitchell on a skiff

To learn more about Mark Mitchell and hear about his fishing stories in Australia and Walker’s Cay, check out his interview on our YouTube Channel at HMY Yachts. 

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