2023 Year in Review

2023 Year in Review

By HMY Contributor   January 10, 2024

For a company with a decades-long history, it may seem hard to believe that each year continues to deliver more thrills than the last. But at HMY we do things a little differently. As a ubiquitous presence in the yachting community, we have a keen sense of what boaters want and need, and in our continuous pursuit to deliver, every year does indeed bring something new and exciting.   

For us, 2023 was a standout year, marked by the addition of exquisite new product lines, a series of well-attended shows, and glimpses into eagerly anticipated new releases. With even more announcements and events on deck, 2024 is promising to be every bit as exciting as the last. Here are some highlights of 2023, as well as what we’re looking forward to in the coming months. 

The Best of 2023: A Recap

The highlight of the year may mean something different to everyone, but several members of our team agree that the expansion of HMY’s product line was among the most exciting developments. 

Nimbus Brand Manager Nick Stamoulis specifically felt that bringing the Nimbus brand to the HMY Outboard Center met an important need for boaters: as the only Nimbus dealer in Florida, we’re now better equipped to serve our outboard clientele. “HMY is always investing in the growth of the company to better be a resource for all of our customers’ boating needs,” he says, and this was certainly one of those rewarding investments.

But Nimbus wasn’t the only new addition for HMY in 2023. The much-anticipated ECLIPSE line also represents a major expansion, with their 505 model set to shake up the yachting world by bringing together best-in-class craftsmanship, luxury, and performance. The first hull of the 50-foot cruiser was released from its mold in November, representing a culmination of years of behind-the-scenes efforts. ECLIPSE Brand Manager Dave Jirikovic attended this monumental occasion and remarked, “After two years of work from a team of the best of the best in the industry, hitting that milestone of a concept transitioning to reality wins my highlight award, hands down.”

And while Nimbus and ECLIPSE are certainly deserving of the spotlight for 2023, HMY has continued to grow in other ways, too. From adding office locations and new hires to hosting more events, the year has proven that we’re only accelerating. Founder Steve Moynihan is as passionate about the business as ever, often spending time with customers at shows and attending tournaments. It’s this infectious enthusiasm that continues to propel HMY ever-forward, even after 44 years.

Looking Ahead to 2024

A year like 2023 would be difficult to top, if it weren’t for the constant evolution that drives us. Even for longtime veterans of the company — including Events Director Carmela Ferreiera, who has been with HMY for 20 years — the growth mindset is unwavering. “Every day is a new day — that’s how you know we are always growing,” she says. Director of Sales Tim Derrico agrees: “We’re constantly changing and improving on our people and processes. HMY is always trying to look forward, and we do not rest on our laurels.” 

One word you won’t hear around HMY is “stagnant.” That means we’ll continue delivering new developments through 2024 and beyond, as well as expanding HMY’s already industry-leading marketing footprint. Marketing Director Katie Flanagan hints that you can expect to see more events — and more coverage of them — going forward. So, even if you can’t get a firsthand look at the ECLIPSE 505 at the Newport International Boat Show early this year, or again later at FLIBS, we’ll be sharing highlights across our website and socials; you won’t have to miss a thing.

And in HMY’s effort to be the source for all things yachting for our customers, Flanagan said, “We’re really trying to connect with the industry as a whole, whether it’s clients fishing in tournaments, deliveries at the different office locations, or continuing to network and build partnerships with key industry members.”

What else is on the horizon for HMY? Shortly behind the debut of the ECLIPSE 505 will be her sister, the 605, an expanded version of the coveted cruiser. We’ll also be delivering a handful of new Two Oceans 555 models, the elegant-yet-powerful catamarans that pre-sold entirely for 2024 production, and bringing the earliest ECLIPSE 505s to their owners later in the year. 

If there’s a new yachting adventure in store for you this year, HMY is eager to be a part of it. Explore our extensive lineup of yachts for sale, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for more updates and compelling content.

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