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The Arcadia brand of luxury yachts are synonymous with living in perfect harmony with the environment, from the smallest detail to the largest, nothing is overlooked in the Italian design offered by these unbelievably luxurious and technologically cutting edge yachts. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the immense Arcadia shipyard is built and works on the same principles as its ship - idyllic, harmonic and perfect.

It is in this futuristic shipyard that some of the world's finest yachts are produced, fusing a perfect blend of modern design and technology, top-shelf craftsmanship, and an amazing attention to detail found few places else. Every Arcadia yacht is built with the utmost in luxury, and the most minimal impact on the environment at the same time.

Arcadia is truly the shipyard of the future, incorporating the finest in shipbuilding experience with the top brass from the finest shipyards in the world, all converging to make you that special yacht you have been dreaming of, showcasing its prowess in three ways: Its EcoThink philosophy, its EcoTech innovations, and its EcoLiving or Green principles are showcased in every ship delivered to clientele.

Elite Italian design and innovation converge on each yacht delivered, featuring six main tenets of every Arcadia built. Functional design is the first of these, incorporating a smart design to integrate shapes and pieces for the most spacious and luxurious experience afforded on the sea, while providing the highest eco-friendly systems on the sea. The double glazed solar panels also provide an intelligent alternative to reduce generator usage and keep the carbon footprint of your entire trip to a minimum. These solar arrays help recharge batteries and power utilities and on-board systems. The next in line for principle-in-design is the hydrodynamic efficiency factor these vessels produce thanks to the semi-displacement hull further reducing power needs on the engine, lowering fuel consumption, maintenance and emissions at the same time. Arcadia also features state-of-the-art waste water treatment to further reduce pollution while at sea. This brand also offers optional hybrid propulsion for the most advanced propulsion on the water, with up to 8 knots on "zero emissions" in total silence. The assembly system at the yard also reduces waste and materials consumption during the process using special paints, staging and more to further minimize the fabrication time involved with your piece.

But the construction of these beautiful vessels is just the beginning. Once you are on the water the unbelievably posh luxurious interior and views aboard your smart yacht will keep you from going back to land. The cruising is especially smooth thanks to the design and advanced navigation systems, with total soundproofing inside as well. But when the full electrical / solar systems are activated, you are truly enjoying the sounds of the ocean unpolluted by anything but the sound of a good time as you and your guests or family enjoy the utmost in luxury yachting aboard the epic Arcadia brand.

Written by Stephen Moynihan. Also edited: Teaching Boat Safety. Resources: Float Plans, US Sailing, CYOC.

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