Tony Lazzara

Sales Professional in Miami Beach, FL

A third-generation boat builder, Tony Lazzara was literally born to be in the boat business. His grandfather, Vince Lazzara, was a pioneer in the yachting industry and is credited with being one of the first people to build a fiberglass sailboat. Vince went on to start several companies, including Columbia Yachts and Gulf Star. Dick Lazzara, Tony’s father, started world-renowned Lazzara Yachts in 1990 and they’re still making yachts to this day.

Tony didn’t join the family business immediately out of college, but he later succumbed to his passion for boats, joining Lazzara Yachts in 2004. He eventually was tasked with heading up its world-famous customer service department, where he developed the skills to be a successful salesperson and establish customers for life.

The most important lessons Tony has learned came from working on the front lines with the customers every day. He understands the importance of establishing good client relationships and knows that they’re earned through trust and transparency.

Tony believes that his hands-on knowledge of boat building, combined with his extensive service background, provide a solid foundation for selling yachts and enable him to better advise his clients on which vessels to buy, and why.

Some of Tony's recent sales include:

2005 Lazzara 116 Motoryacht "The Beeliever"

2009 Lazzara 84 Motoryacht "La Balsita"

2006 Lazzara 84 Motoryacht "Shades of Blue"

2009 Lazzara 75 LSX "Mojo"

2019 Azimut 70 Motoryacht "No Whey"

2013 Viking 66 Enclosed Bridge "Y Nut Coconut"

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