To survive in the yachting industry since 1979 is remarkable. To thrive is unparalleled.

That is exactly what HMY has done and continues to do under the leadership of Steve Moynihan, featuring the finest collection of new yachts for sale and used yachts for sale. Through all the ups and downs of life and the economy, HMY persisted, standing tall, dedicated to providing the absolute best service to our customers and doing everything in our power to ensure customers end up in precisely the perfect boat.

We’ve learned a thing or two about selling yachts over the 42+ years, and we’ve been privileged to serve our customers. One question we continually ask ourselves is, “What can we do better?” The best companies adapt and seek to learn. Another – the key tenet of our philosophy – is customers come first. Always. Servicing our customers is non-negotiable. Our commitment to selling boats is surpassed only by our commitment to our customers.

This is why we have 13 strategic office locations from the Keys up the eastern seaboard to Charleston, South Carolina, 4 services locations, and a team of over 90 dedicated sales, support, and service people. And this includes our new Outboard Boating Center in North Palm Beach.

Whether you’re looking for a new or used sportfish yacht, custom sportfish yacht, motor yacht, superyacht, center console or outboard boat, our team will work tirelessly to put you in the perfect boat. Then we’ll be by your side throughout your ownership and, should the time come, help you sell it for maximum value.

From start to finish, our service is impeccable and personal.

We know that no two customers are the same. We will walk through the process together, examining and comparing similar vessels from many brands, asking the important questions you may or may not have thought of, so you get exactly what you want. And what you deserve.

For example, if you’re looking at used motor yachts in the 70-80-foot range, we can help determine why a certain model is more turnkey than other similar yachts, or why another model fits more of your personal criteria and is within your budget.

If you’re an angler and are considering a used sportfish yacht or a smaller used center console, we’ll tap into our hundreds of years of combined sportfishing experience to ask the right questions, and determine, together, what will be the best fit for your fishing needs.

We also know that in today’s market buyers that are only interested in used yachts want them ready to go and in great shape. They don’t want a project. They want everything up to date – cosmetics, engine service, bottom paint, etc. The old saying is true: “You can pay now, or you can pay a lot more later.”

Our expert team of 50 full-time experienced brokers are always ready with expert advice and guidance.

They grew up on the water, in boating families, as professional captains and as gamefishermen. This experience is priceless and unmatched when you are trying to buy or sell. They’re active at all the major boat shows, virtual shows, and fishing tournaments.

Working with a broker as a trusted advisor will help you avoid bad investments, because if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. We can help you avoid wasting time, or worse, money, on a bad investment. Our team’s expert advice will ensure your next yacht purchase goes as smooth as glassy water on a perfect day. And will make sure you’re getting the perfect yacht at the best price, no matter if it’s a new or used yacht for sale. We sweat the details, so you don’t have to.

Our team is infinitely knowledgeable about the market.

We know what things cost and when something is amiss. We aren’t fooled by aesthetics. We look at the yacht in all the places you don’t expect to make sure everything is as it should be. This only comes from decades of experience running yachts as professionals.

From the first interaction to delivery, it is a truly collaborative process. And our partnership doesn’t end there. When you buy from HMY, you’re part of the family for life. This includes post-sale support. We’re always a call away. HMY is your yachting partner, the invisible captain navigating you and your beautiful new sportfish yacht or new motor yacht to the grandest of adventures.

All of this is why we have collected numerous accolades during our 42+ years in business, including regularly being a Top Viking Yacht dealer and Top North American Princess Yachts Dealer.

It’s also why we’re consulted as trusted partners in the builds of new models – such as with custom sportfish yachts, custom motor yachts, and custom superyachts.

Come to HMY, where you’ll find the finest yachts, the best people, the best service, and the best customer experience.

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