You Own a Superyacht, Now What?

You Own a Superyacht, Now What?

By HMY Contributor   November 23, 2021

Purchasing a superyacht immediately places you, the buyer, in the upper echelon of yacht owners. The ones who turn every head when they pull into a marina.

A whole new world of possibilities is quite literally opened up for exploration, with the ability to reach places 99.9% of humans can only dream about.

It also brings with it a unique set of challenges and considerations to take into account you may not have had to deal with on your previous 60’ or 70’ motor or sportfishing yachts.

Here are some key things to focus your attention on as recommended by the HMY Superyachts team, as well as a few destinations to possibly add to future itineraries. 

Superyacht Staffing

Unlike a large motor yacht or sportfishing yacht, where a captain may be the only crew you need, a superyacht is mandated by insurance to have a full crew. And trust us, you’ll want to find the best people you can.

An example crew for a superyacht in the 100’ range may include key people such as a captain, a stewardess, a chef, and an engineer.

When recruiting and interviewing for these and other positions, look for evidence of longevity, loyalty, discretion, superior service, and proven professionalism, as well as how their personality will fit into group dynamics and build the culture you want on your yacht. You’ll want a close-knit, collaborative group that can not only work closely together, but co-exist together.

It pays massive dividends to invest in and keep the right crew, and ensure crew harmony. Remember: a happy crew makes a happy owner (and guests).

Speaking of guests, remind your family and friends to treat the crew with respect, just as you would for valued employees. The crew members have an extremely busy job and their top priority is to make sure your trip exceeds expectations.

Superyacht Safety: Take it Seriously

You may own the yacht, but the captain and crew are in charge of the safety of everyone on board. And this is something they do not take lightly. Make sure you and your guests listen to the captain and crew’s instructions and safety briefings. If a change in a destination is required due to inclement weather, just know that decision is made out of an abundance of caution for the wellbeing of every person on board, and to make sure your prized beauty gets out of harm’s way.  

Plot a Course for Chartering

One of the many advantages of owning a superyacht is the ability to charter it and help offset some of the operating costs. However, it is important to manage your ROI expectations. It’s unusual for owners who charter their yachts to turn a profit; it’s realistically more of a way to cover some costs of the pastime you love.

A couple of considerations when making this decision are:

  • How many weeks a year do you want to charter your yacht? 12 weeks on the water is excellent but be prepared for something more in the 5-7 week range. Remember, you can be selective about which charters you accept, especially if it’s not necessarily a business for you. You can turn down requests that you believe could wear down the crew or the boat. But, if you’re trying to get as many weeks on the water as possible, loosen the reins and get your beautiful boat globetrotting!
  • Do you need a yacht management company? Take into account the additional burden on your vessel, more regular maintenance, more miles on the engines, more use on the systems, and more certifications needed. Your captain could handle some of these for regular operation, but you will likely need more support for chartering.

Popular Superyacht Destinations

Now for the really fun part — what are some of the best global destinations to take your superyacht?

There is of course the enduring allure of places like the Bahamas, Caribbean, and the US and the British Virgin Islands, but there are plenty of other exotic locations now accessible to you — from places where you’ll almost certainly rub elbows with celebrities and possibly royalty, to others where you won’t come across another soul.

  • French Riviera: One of the most glamorous yachting destinations in the world, the French Riviera is a magnificent mix of elegant seaside villages, white-sand beaches, and protected coves.
  • The Greek Islands: Thousands of small, enchanting islands make Greece's beautiful coastline a top destination for superyacht owners. Want to get even more remote? Try Kastelorizo. It sits just over 300 miles from the Greek mainland. From there, superyachts looking for even more privacy descend upon two of the Mediterranean’s most untouched isles: Rho and Stroggylí.
  • Indian Ocean treasures: Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Andaman Islands: In the middle of the ocean sits a slender chain of mind-blowingly beautiful, coral-rich islands resting in calm, breathtaking aquamarine waters and boasting countless pristine white sand beaches. Each island has a unique ecology, with emerald lagoons and untouched paradise waiting for you.
  • Gulf Islands, Canada: A superyacht is the perfect way to explore the 40,000 islands along this stretch of western Canada’s coastline. You’ll cruise by glaciers, icebergs, and snow-crowned summits, and may be joined by orcas, seals, otters, and whales.

Of course, there are hundreds of heavenly, far-flung locations to visit in your new superyacht, and the HMY Superyachts team —  one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry is ready to help you get there by being your trusted partner. Experience an unmatched level of service as you embark on a quest to superyacht ownership. Contact us today.

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