Why the Viking 42 Open is an Offshore Fishing Champ

Why the Viking 42 Open is an Offshore Fishing Champ

By Lacey Hagler   April 24, 2018

Initially, the Viking 42 Open appears to be an exceptional day boat with Viking’s trademark fierce good looks, but this sportfish is so much more qualified than what's on the surface. When it comes to the strategy and performance demanded for successful offshore fishing, the Viking 42 Open’s handling, heightened visibility, and intelligent use of space gives you the advantage you’re looking for.


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Handles Like A Champ

Most fishing plans are made pending sea and weather conditions, but when you head offshore more than 10 miles, time flies. Before you know it, the sun is setting, conditions have changed throughout the day, and the ride back consists of steep head seas. The 42’s modified V-hull and 16.7 degrees of deadrise at transom is deepened from the 10-11 degrees of a typical Viking to compensate for her shorter length and lighter weight. This ideal deadrise keeps enough of the hull below the surface, which adds stability and provides lateral tracking into a sea to help keep the boat on course. This is also helpful when you’re trolling in a sloppy, wind-driven sea with a lot of tide that produces considerable in-your-face chop.

This additional draft from the deeper V is actually offset by the running gear of the pod-drives, keeping her draft at a shallow 3 feet 5 inches. The Zeus propulsion system is another advantage- making it possible to spin the boat around within its own length, and the press of a button holds the boat in place using the Skyhook feature. The trend is that a lot of 42' Viking customers have moved up from large center consoles, and the pods take away the intimidation of moving from outboards to inboards.


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Space is Key

A good way to start a fight between fisherman is to lose a fish you waited hours for because you’re tripping over each other in the cockpit. The Viking 42 Open may be on the smaller end of Viking models, but she exceeds standards with a cockpit size of 120 square feet. A tournament crew of just about any size could fit with plenty of elbow room, and considering the 15 foot 10 inch beam, this also allows for a wider spread of baits in the wake.

Space is created by proper storage as well, so everything has its place. A convenient transom fish box is readily available as a livewell if so inclined, multiple refrigerated boxes are molded into the mezzanine for drinks and bait, and the mezzanine seating has a built-in freezer for extended trips. Designated storage hides tag sticks or gaffs, tackle drawers mean less gear adrift and more room to fish, and a transom door and locking lift gate makes landing a fish much more convenient.


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Bird’s Eye View

Height is the number one reason aquatic birds of prey are such successful hunters, which is why you are “shorting” your fishing game if you’re not taking advantage of the Viking 42 Open’s tower. A captain operating a vessel above sea level can scan for greater distances in every direction and spot the presence of birds, weed lines and fish investigating the spread. Not only can you oversee and suggest trim adjustments to trolling spreads and kite baits, but you can more easily spot a pack of dolphin striking the spread or sailfish tailing down sea. 

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