Why List with HMY? 

Why List with HMY? 

By Katie Flanagan   April 13, 2022

Have you been searching for a brokerage firm to sell your current yacht? Look no further than HMY Yacht Sales. As one of the top brokerages in the industry, HMY Yacht Sales offers you an experienced team of brokers, global reach, digital marketing, and advertising, and a reliable industry reputation to help successfully sell your yacht in an efficient and timely manner. With a yacht sold on average every 12 hours, HMY Yachts has proven success in assisting you in the sale of your yacht.   

Proven Results  

Our results speak for themselves. In today’s market, we are not only assisting our customers in the selling process but doing so in a timely and efficient manner. HMY’s typical sales cycles are decreasing, and many of our listings are getting more qualified leads, and they are not lasting as long on the market as they once were. This is a direct result of the HMY sales and marketing engine that is designed to achieve sales results quickly and efficiently.     


Our Sales Professionals 

HMY’s sales professionals are the most experienced in our industry. Our expansive reach encompasses the network of our 50+ brokers and their customers over their many years in the industry. This allows for the best visibility in the market for your listing.  One of our sales professionals recently listed a pre-owned 64’ Princess Yacht and the vessel sold before even reaching the public market; all because of HMY’s vast sales network and their relationships with their customers. With the collaboration of our highly skilled brokers, internal network, and in-house marketing, HMY was able to assist our client in the sale of his 64’ Princess yacht with no time to waste.  

Other recent sales have included vessels that were listed with other firms for over a year. When the clients switched to listing their vessels with HMY, the vessels sold within 7 days on the market.    



  The HMY Marketing team is committed to making sure your yacht receives maximum exposure while targeting the boat owner most likely to buy. With an advanced marketing plan covering a variety of digital, video, email, print, editorial, and social platforms, we consistently out-market the competition. This typically results in a quicker sale of your yacht.  Our team has seen shorter sale cycles allowing us to assist our clients in selling their yacht at an expedited rate.    


Diverse Yachting Presence

 HMY Yacht Sales is known as the “King of Sportfish” and continues to dominate the sportfish market. However, HMY’s team is highly diverse and specializes in many niche areas in the industry. Our team excels in the Euro-Motor Yacht market and has continued to expand in the Superyacht market. Last year our team sold over 45 yachts over 80 feet, including 12 yachts 100 feet or larger. HMY Yacht Sales continues to take strides in the larger yacht market to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

HMY continues to expand as we have recently added Two Oceans Power Catamarans to our arsenal of brands, and HMY is now the exclusive distributor for the U.S.A., Canada, Central, and South America, The Caribbean, and The Bahamas regions, starting with the 555 and 675 models built by Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing and designed by Du Toit Yacht Design.   

If sportfish, motor yachts, power catamarans, and superyachts are not your style, we have also opened a new office location specializing in outboards. The HMY Outboard Boating Center is working to meet the needs of our clients who are looking to venture into the rapidly expanding outboard market.    

 Diverse Yachting Presence

HMY Charter Vacations 

Today’s motor yacht and sportfish enthusiasts want to experience the unique combination of adventure, luxury, and exploration of new vistas. From seeking life-changing travel around the globe, discovering new ways to select the perfect yacht that fits your lifestyle, or inserting your yacht into our elite charter fleet, HMY Charter Vacations provides an exciting path for the yachting community. HMY empowers yacht owners like you with an avant-garde approach to experiencing chartering the way you want. Our charter programs are designed for guests who want to enjoy the luxury of chartering, or for yacht owners who want their vessel in our charter fleet. To help you get started with HMY Charter Vacations, contact Susan Harris at HMY at 561-870-4142 or via email at [email protected].   


Our team at HMY Yacht Sales is ready to sell your yacht or boat in any niche of the market. You will not find the depth of knowledge, brokerage strength, or customer service anywhere else in the industry. Our highly experienced team and support staff are looking forward to assisting in the sale of your yacht.   There has never been a better time in history to buy or sell a yacht.   Contact HMY today.  


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