Why Buying or Selling a Custom Sportfish Yacht with HMY is the Right Choice

Why Buying or Selling a Custom Sportfish Yacht with HMY is the Right Choice

By HMY Contributor   March 19, 2020

HMY is well known as a national leader when it comes to listing and selling the best sportfish and motor yachts, with noteworthy accomplishments such as:

  • Among the top U.S. Viking Yachts dealers, 26 years running
  • American Princess Yachts Dealer of the Year in 2019
  • Exclusive representative for OKEAN Yachts
  • Over 40 years of keeping our yachting customers happy

Did you know HMY also lists and sells some of the finest custom sportfish yachts in the market?

HMY’s experienced team of 45 full-time brokers includes several who have amassed a long track record with custom sportfish boats as captains, crew, and brokers. Nobody’s had more experience running or selling custom sportfish yachts than HMY, and it’s very evident.

Combined with a dedicated support team, HMY is ideally situated to provide the best advice, guidance, and customer experience before, during, and after the custom sportfish yacht buying and selling process. 

Whether embarking on a custom build from scratch, upgrading your current custom boat, selling your precious craft, or finding and buying the perfect next custom sportfish, why would you entrust your multi-million-dollar adventure to anyone but a full-time, experienced, professional yacht broker?


Why is HMY The Perfect Custom Sportfish Partner?

Our People

HMY’s full-time broker roster includes several custom boat experts who love nothing more than to list and sell these beautiful, amazing feats of engineering. Guys like Scott Levin, who graduated college with a Business Maritime degree then spent the next 27 years traveling around the world on custom sportfishing boats; Dave Berard, who’s been a boat captain since 19, mostly running custom boats; Dave Meyer, who got his captain’s license at 18 and ran custom boats for 20 years; Glenn Clyatt, who’s held a 100-ton license for 30 years and was a full-time fisherman until he became a broker in the mid-2010s; and other experts such as Pat Kelly, Tim Gredick, and Jeff Creary use their hard-earned experience to get customers exactly what they want.

When it comes to intel and strategy, they know when to move quickly, when to wait, and when to push back.

Their relationships with crews, captains, and clients around the world are a huge part of their and HMY’s success. They’re able to get the real story about a yacht so a buyer knows if it’s the right boat for them or not.

Part of this is being present at elite gathering spots like Skip Smith’s Custom Shootout Billfish Release Tournament, where the finest builders show off their creations. HMY brokers know all the builders at these places, and most of the customers too.

This firsthand tournament experience is indispensable when it comes to helping customers, whether it’s building a boat from scratch, customizing particular aspects, or upgrading systems and outfits.

Professionalism – Easy, seamless transactions & unmatched exposure

HMY’s broker team is supported by an experienced administrative staff that, like the brokers, understands the intricacies and nuances of listing, buying, and selling a yacht.

The result is flawless, seamless, stress-free transactions. A level of trust is developed that other brokers can’t match.

Sellers also know their boat will receive the maximum amount of exposure via HMY’s aggressive digital and industry marketing. The number of eyeballs that will see a listing from HMY simply can’t be matched by other brokerage firms. From boat shows to print ads to digital marketing to social media, HMY’s marketing is considered among the best in the yachting industry.

These are just few reasons why HMY customers have bought and sold yachts with us for more than 40 years.

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