Viking Yachts: Defining Sportfish Perfection

Viking Yachts: Defining Sportfish Perfection

By HMY Contributor   March 27, 2020

For over half-a-century, Viking has built a loyal following through its dedication to high standards and quality construction.

The Finest Luxury Yachts of This Generation

Viking Yachts on the Docks

If sportfishing perfection can be said to exist, you’ll find it in a Viking yacht. Whether it’s the 37’ or the 92’ or any of the models in between, and there are many, building a better boat every day has been the Viking philosophy for the company’s five-plus decades of existence. With production plants in New Gretna and Mullica, New Jersey, Viking holds a unique quality-control advantage because the company manufactures most of each yacht’s components in-house. Dedicated personnel thoroughly inspect each yacht during the build process in a team effort whose only objective is to deliver the finest production yacht available, at any cost. This legendary attention to detail ensures greater reliability, safety and customer satisfaction on every boat.

That same attention to detail Viking is known for leads to their industry-leading quality and global recognition. Viking Yachts have been the gold standard in tournament sportfishing yachts with thousands of hull deliveries to clients worldwide. From the initial design to the finished product, Viking’s highly regarded reputation is rooted in the company’s commitment to producing 90-percent of the boat in-house. Except for components such as engines, transmissions, air conditioning units, and electronics, virtually everything else is produced by the Viking workforce.

Viking Innovation Extends the Boundaries of Yacht Design and Engineering

Profile shot of the Viking 92 Sky Bridge

As an engineering-driven company, Viking thrives on the pulse of innovation and the development of new and exciting vessels.  Viking has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s doable while the market waits to see what’s next for Viking Yachts, and they have delivered on all accounts.

It wasn’t that many years ago that the idea of an 80 or 90-foot production sportfish was a yacht designer’s fantasy. Indeed, many experienced tournament skippers and anglers felt a boat over 70-feet was too large to compete on the tournament trail. But the Viking 74 launched in May 2004 — and the Viking 82 introduced in 2008 — proved differently. With the 92 Skybridge, Viking again raised the design and innovation bar. The 92 is by far one of the most coveted large sportfishing yachts on the market and holds true to Viking’s heritage and sportfish pedigree.

Pre-Owned Vikings Enjoy the Strongest Resale Values in The Industry

Preowned Vikings on the Docks

No single metric better illustrates the investment quality of a boat better than its resale value. Vikings have proven many times over to be resale standouts, even when the market is working against it.  

Regardless of market conditions, used Vikings are always in demand and some pre-owned models are often difficult to find. At the end of the day, no other yachting brand matches Viking for long-term investment quality.

Looking for extensive Viking knowledge and expertise? Talk to your HMY Viking Product Team experts. Several of our professionals have previously worked for Viking, or they have been captains of Vikings and fished them all over the world. Come to HMY Yachts for Viking Yachts expertise.

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