Viking Yachts Announces Expansion Of Riviera Beach Service Center

Viking Yachts Announces Expansion Of Riviera Beach Service Center

By HMY Contributor   March 7, 2017

For over half a century, the Viking Yacht Company has been leading the charge in the production of high-performing, luxury sportfish and motor Yachts and they have three facilities at which they tirelessly work to bring these world-renown boats to life, right here in America. They got their start manufacturing the top-of-the-line Viking Yachts fleet in New Jersey on the Bass River where the company is still headquartered today. In addition to their 862,000 square foot manufacturing facility and headquarters in New Gretna, NJ, where over 90 percent of Viking components are built, Viking Yachts has two other key sites where their legendary products come together. The new satellite office in Mullica, New Jersey, which was acquired from Ocean Yachts, is on the quiet banks of the Mullica River and it serves as the base of operations in the building of Viking vessels from the new Viking Yachts 37 Billfish up to the 52 Convertible and 52 Open models.

For many years, Viking has operated their renown service center out of Riviera Beach, Florida where Viking owners faithfully take their vessels for the best continued service and maintenance. The Viking Service Center in Riviera Beach is also where the company hosts their annual Viking Yachts VIP event where they showcase the latest and greatest models. Now, Viking has announced an exciting expansion project at the Riviera site with plans to open the Viking Marine Center in January of 2019. Viking’s model for this Marine Center is to provide a building to suit the services of qualified vendors in a location adjacent to, or in near proximity of, the existing Viking Yachts Service Center located on Avenue C off of Broadway.

The goal of the Viking Marine Center will be to serve as a central location that can provide multiple services to boat and mega yacht owners alike. By leasing space to multiple qualified vendors, the Viking Marine Service Center will help ensure Riviera Beach is a one-stop-shop for marine services. Riviera Beach, Florida is already well-known as a hub for marine service work. Between the Viking Yacht Service Center expansion, Rybovich Mega Yacht Center expansions, Cracker Boy boat yard, Port of Palm Beach and Tropical Shipping, and many more marine-related businesses, leasing at the Viking Marine Center will give marine businesses a prime location.

The multi-floor building will be leased to compatible businesses looking for high bay work bays, office space, retail and show rooms, and extended stay apartments. Viking Marine Center will add value to its lessees by providing them with shared amenities such as conference rooms and support equipment that some businesses may not already have access to. Also, by having so many different maritime businesses in one strategic location, the Viking Marine Center is hoping generate more foot traffic than a stand-alone business would see in hopes of helping to drive business’s growth. With hundreds of marine-focused businesses calling Palm Beach County home, the new Viking Marine Center in Riviera Beach will be a welcomed and fitting addition to the South Florida boating community when it opens next year.

Watch our video below to experience the 2017 Viking Yachts VIP Event at the Viking Service Center.

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