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Viking Yachts 90′ Build Update

Viking Yachts 90′ Build Update

By Katie Flanagan   June 6, 2022

HMY Yacht Sales has been following along with the Viking Yachts 90’ build progression. The Viking Yachts mantra to build a better boat every day, has pushed Viking to produce the new flagship- Viking 90. The construction of the Viking Yachts 90 is anticipated to be completed and make its world premiere at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2023.

Gelcoat Application


In the image above the Viking team has completed the application of the gelcoat. The team then began laying in the construction materials.



Resin Infusion Process  

Next, Viking Yachts puts fiberglass structural materials (including carbon fiber and core materials) into the mold to prepare for the infusion process. This process uses the composite sandwich construction method, which bonds the outer structural laminates, core materials, and inner structural laminates.   By using the resin infusion process this ensures that Vikings have the optimal resin-to-fiberglass ratio, bringing the build to its greatest strength.


The above image shows the vacuum bag, vacuum lines, and feed lines installed. This infusion process was carried out by an eight-person crew at Viking Yachts. It took just under an hour to complete. 


In the image above the infusion process for the Viking 90 pictured begins on each side of the keel. 

In the image below, after the keel is filled the resin continues to be drawn outboard and up the hill sides.  

Each feed line’s resin supply undergoes gel time testing to confirm the resin meets the specific cure time at Viking Yachts. 



The image below shows what the Viking 90 looks like after the resin has cured and the vacuum bag, lines, and materials have been removed. 


The hull is now ready for its stringers and resign-infused structural bulkheads. 

Learn more about the Viking 90 

The new Viking Yachts 90’ is destined to be the next king of sportfish and is the latest example of Viking Yachts' excellence in innovation and design.  

“We’ve taken all the incredible qualities of the 92 – the interior layout, the accommodations, the style, the amenities – and merged them with greater performance, technology and versatility,” says Viking President and CEO Pat Healey. “The 92 was the Bentley. This is the Ferrari.” 

To learn more about the Viking Yachts 90’ contact one of HMY’s Viking Specialists at (561) 331-5200 or vikingsales@hmy.com 

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