Video Review of the New 2016 Viking Yachts 80 Convertible

Video Review of the New 2016 Viking Yachts 80 Convertible

By HMY Contributor   January 14, 2016

HMY Yachts recently invited the editorial team from and down to the Viking Yachts Service and Delivery Center in Riviera Beach, Florida to test out and video the latest tournament sportfish from Viking Yachts - the 80 Convertible. The weather could not have been any better the day editor Lenny Rudow arrived in South Florida and saw the 80C, freshly detailed, sitting at the end of the dock awaiting an introduction.

Here's a little of what Lenny had to say after spending the day aboard the boat:

"Five thousand two hundred fire-breathing horses are unleashed as you push down the throttle. Thirty-two cylinders displace 26.8 liters as diesel fuel is compressed and then ignites, in a series of controlled explosions that propel all 70-plus tons of the Viking 80 Convertible forward. This sportfishing yacht doesn’t lurch out of the hole, it leaps. Despite its immense mass the boat picks up speed quickly, and before you can wipe the you-know-what-eating grin off of your face, you’ll be blasting past 40 knots. Top end: 41.6 knots. On an 80-footer. Join us, and see this stunning display of raw power first-hand.

If you’re familiar with any of Viking’s smaller fishing boats, like the 66 Convertible or the 52 Convertible then you probably already knew that Viking regularly shoots to break the 40-knot-plus mark. But size matters, and when it comes to boats with this much heft, there are few afloat that make the grade. And this fact provides a good indication of how Viking approached every aspect of the 80. There would be no sacrifices made—not for size nor for cost. Remember, breaking the 7 million mark (rigged as our test boat was) the one potential drawback of buying the Viking 80 is the rather astronomical MSRP. If you have to ask about it, you’re probably looking at the wrong boat."

To read the rest of Lenny's article, you can click here.

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