The Winter Charter Season is Heating Up Now

The Winter Charter Season is Heating Up Now

By HMY   September 28, 2018

It’s that time of year—time to start thinking about the holidays. No, we’re not talking about deciding what you’re serving for the big dinner or debating if you’re going to invite crazy Uncle Eddie this year. It’s time to decide where you’re going to spend a hard-earned winter vacation and recharge for the new year with the best in ultimate luxury, maximum fun, and extreme relaxation.

There’s no better holiday vacation than being on board a yacht. Want proof? Just about every yacht in the charter market gets booked during the Christmas and New Year seasons. The kids are out of school and for many businesspeople, their companies go into holiday mode, making it a perfect time to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy your personal floating resort.

Before you say, “That has to be much too expensive!” keep in mind that there’s a yacht for just about every budget, and if you consider it from the perspective of per-person, per-day pricing, it can compare favorably to going on a top-end cruise ship.

Ask yourself this—would you rather be with a few of your closest friends and family in an intimate setting with 100% command of what you do and when? Or herded around a 1,000’ floating city with 4,200 other people, told when to be where, and with little flexibility and freedom in your schedule?

With your yacht you go at your pace, you choose your personal itinerary, the menu is yours to plan with the chef before you even board, you’re not one of several thousand passengers clamoring for service, and nobody is going to pull up the anchor and leave you stranded if you’re not back on board at 5 p.m.! In fact, if you want to turn around mid-stream and change the cruising plan, that’s your decision.

Charter destinations and yachts are abundant in the Caribbean islands, Bahamas, or elsewhere, and what better way to escape the ice, snow, and sleet than to join your yacht in Nassau, St. Martin, St. Thomas, St. Bart’s, or Antigua, and within hours of cruising find yourself basking on the afterdeck overlooking aquamarine waters while the kids are out playing with the water toys.

These destinations offer island exploring, nightlife and local culture, snorkeling, diving rendezvous’, and, sometimes most importantly, simply sitting in a lagoon just offshore from a spectacular island setting in the Abacos or the Exumas soaking up nature and pure relaxation as the crew tops off your glass with your favorite quaff and serves you tasty tidbits straight from the galley.

Charters are typically Friday-to-Friday, technically giving guests eight days on board. During that time, there are so many fabulous experiences awaiting you, and our HMY charter professionals will work with you on your customized vacation plan.

Don’t wait too long, though. Holiday charters are booking up now and the inventory is going fast. There are still some great yachts with fabulous crew available, but you won’t want to miss experiencing what could amount to be the vacation experience of a lifetime.

Just imagine it—on Christmas Eve, after a day of water sports, cuisine to satisfy the most discriminating palates, and ultimate degrees of relaxation and fun, the family and friends are all gathered on the boat deck that night, gazing at the moonlit sky with more twinkling stars than you’ve ever seen—just maybe somebody will catch a glimpse of Santa’s sleigh passing overhead!

To book your charter or learn more about HMY’s best-in-class charter program, contact Bob Saxon, VP Yacht Management, Crew Placement & Charter, at [email protected] or 954.926.0400.

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