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The Viking Key West Challenge

The Viking Key West Challenge

By HMY   April 7, 2014

The Viking Key West Challenge was April 2-5th, 2014 down in, you guessed it, Key West, Florida. This family fun event was the first of, hopefully many, Key West tournaments to bring together the Viking family and enjoy a weekend on the water! The tournament wasn’t focused on how many catches were made (even though we all love the competition!) it was a tournament about having fun! An exciting weekend for everyone in the family- especially the Viking family as we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Viking Yachts. The tournament included a dinner party on the Veranda sponsored by MAN engines, an exciting scavenger hunt, Pool Party sponsored by Johnson & Towers/MTU for the whole family to enjoy, Reel Kids Cummins/Onan Dock Tournament , two fishing days (of course!) and beautiful awards dinner sponsored by Christi Insurance & Travelers. It was a great weekend to spend down in the Keys with friends and family. Happy 50th Anniversary Viking Yachts- you throw one heck of an anniversary party. Photo Courtesy of Viking Key West Challenge Facebook page. We love the t-shirt he is sporting!

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