The Value of Storing Your Boat on a Lift

The Value of Storing Your Boat on a Lift

By Michelle Garzon   November 2, 2022

If you are a boat owner or looking to purchase a boat in the future, you may want to consider the benefits of storing your boat on a lift. We understand the priority of keeping your boat in the best condition possible when she is not in the water. There are quite a few reasons why keeping your boat on a lift will help you and your boat in the long run.  


Protecting Your Boat from Harmful Marine Elements  

Keeping your boat lifted and out of the water when you're not using it will help protect it from possible damage. It will also keep your boat in better condition longer and help maintain its resale value. Although boats are made specifically for water, keeping them in the water long-term can cause stains from the waterline and will increase added maintenance costs like frequent bottom painting.     It is also safer to keep your vessel on a boat lift rather than a mooring ball in the case of severe weather or water conditions that may arise at any time. You won't have to be concerned over many potential damages. Storing your boat on a boat lift will promise peace of mind.   Overall, this type of storage will help maintain the condition of the hull and keep you from continually putting more money into fixing it when you’re ready to sell at a later point. 


Easy Access to Your Boat 

Storing your vessel on a lift provides quick and easy access to your boat at any time. There is no need to trailer your boat and spend time and effort putting it in the water, and pulling it out of the water every time you want to go enjoy the day on your boat. A boat lift is a safe way for you and your guests to step on-board and allows for a smooth and quick transition of getting your boat in the water. The new premium boat lifts located at the Stuart location are also accessible remotely. Your boat can be in and out of the water in a matter of minutes.   


There are many things to look after when you purchase a boat 

Why not make sure you can protect it by keeping it secure on a boat lift? This way, you can always keep it safe and protect it from any possible damages that may occur if the boat remained in the water.      HMY at Waterway Marina in Stuart, Florida, offers premium high-speed boat lifts for you in a perfect location. With brand new 30,000 lb., 40,000 lb., and 50,000 lb. boat lifts located near downtown Stuart. And better yet, annual or monthly leases are available.   If you are interested in leasing a premium high-speed boat lift at Waterway Marina or learning more about them? Contact HMY’s Stuart location about our new high-speed boat lifts available.   

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