The Importance of Yacht Closing Assistants

The Importance of Yacht Closing Assistants

By HMY Contributor   December 14, 2016

Professional yacht brokerage firms know that time equals money when it comes to buying or selling a yacht, which is why HMY Yacht Sales has a team in place to hold our customers’ hands through the entire process and ensure an exceptional purchase or sale. Because of our team of highly-trained closing assistants, the entire experience at HMY is guaranteed to be efficient, organized, and well-managed. Every yacht broker has a dedicated closing assistant who is knowledgeable in the closing process and whose job it is to ensure a smooth transaction - just another reason why clients can expect more at HMY.

The responsibilities of our closing specialists encompass everything from the initial start of the deal right through the acceptance and closing. They are highly skilled in organizing every facet of the transaction which greatly limits the possibility for any potential mistakes at the closing table. Every detail from coordinating showings and email blasts to writing purchase orders, researching ownership, and satisfying outstanding liens needs to be executed promptly and with accuracy. Being certain that all legal aspects of the transaction have been researched and covered to the fullest extent of the law is one of the most important elements of a deal and just one of the many details that are covered by the HMY team for our clients.

HMY closing assistants are undeniably some of the best in the brokerage business because of their astute understanding of the intricacies of each individual yacht deal. Every client has different circumstances which makes every deal unique. The manager who oversees the hiring and training of all HMY closing assistants, Laura Hogle, says of her team, "With the staff I currently have, there is a combined experience of 100 years and that’s just the time with HMY. The average person here has 10 years of experience as a closing specialist. They know the ins and outs of the law, the paperwork required, and the follow-up necessary to get the closing completed in a timely fashion". With over 450 transactions each year under their belts, HMY closing assistants are nothing less than experts.

By completely streamlining the buying and selling process, our closing agents enable busy yacht brokers and clients to complete the process with as little hassle as possible, so that everyone involved can continue their lives without any additional stress. HMY closing specialist Kristi Ekasala says, “Our brokers know that they can hand something off to us with total confidence that it will be completed properly.” The crucial role that HMY closing specialists play in efficiently executing deals is a major advantage to our brokers and even more importantly, our clients.

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