The Hometown Foundation: A Beacon of Hope for Community Needs Supported by Philanthropy

By Michelle Garzon   November 29, 2023

In a world that often seems divided, the power of philanthropy has the remarkable ability to bring communities together, providing support where it is needed most. One shining example of this is The Hometown Foundation, an organization dedicated to addressing five core community needs: military support, assistance for individuals with intellectual disabilities, emergency response personnel aid, animal welfare, and support for those facing major illnesses. Here, we will explore the incredible impact of The Hometown Foundation, with a focus on the inspiring story of Jalyn Hunter, a quadriplegic whose life was transformed with the help of HMY Yachts and other generous contributors.

The Hometown Foundation raises money to support a broad range of programs that meet community needs. The Foundation’s focus and commitment center around five key program areas: Animal Welfare, Emergency Response Personnel, Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities or In Need, Major Illness, and the Military. Our year-round programs are devoted to strengthening our local communities to create a more cohesive and inclusive society. 

The Transformative Impact on Jalyn Hunter 

In a heartwarming display of generosity, HMY Yachts, a philanthropic contributor to The Hometown Foundation, played a pivotal role in changing the life of Jalyn Hunter, a quadriplegic with a profound story of resilience. HMY's contribution enabled the purchase of a state-of-the-art wheelchair for Jalyn, providing her with newfound mobility and independence. 

The ripple effect of HMY's philanthropy didn't end there. Inspired by this act of kindness, The Hometown Foundation donated $50,000 to provide a custom-made prosthetic leg for Jalyn from 50 Legs. This generous contribution not only transformed Jalyn's life but also became a catalyst for positive change within the community. 

Steve Chamberland and 50 Legs: Empowering Lives

At the heart of this transformative journey is Steve Chamberland, the founder of 50 Legs, an organization with a mission to help individuals, particularly children, regain their mobility and reclaim their lives. Motivated by his own experience with a prosthetic leg, Steve is dedicated to ensuring that others in the community facing similar challenges have the opportunity to move forward. 

Steve's dedication and passion have already impacted over 700 lives, exemplifying the profound change that can be achieved through community support and philanthropy. His commitment to helping kids be kids echoes the core values of The Hometown Foundation, showcasing the collective power of individuals and organizations working together for a common cause. 

The Hometown Foundation's commitment to addressing fundamental community needs and inspiring stories like Jalyn Hunter's highlight the positive impact that philanthropy can have on individuals and communities. The collaboration between HMY Yachts, The Hometown Foundation, and 50 Legs demonstrates the transformative potential of charitable contributions, reinforcing the belief that when individuals and organizations come together with a shared purpose, they can create lasting change and build a stronger, more compassionate society. 

Learn more about The Hometown Foundation and their contributions to the community at their website here. 

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