The Custom Refit of Ariadne: A 1979  Breaux Brothers 124′ Motor Yacht

The Custom Refit of Ariadne: A 1979 Breaux Brothers 124′ Motor Yacht

By HMY Contributor   May 25, 2023

It’s rare that we see a vessel that deftly blends the majesty of both past and present, but "Ariadne" is an exception. Thanks to a multi-million-dollar, years-long rebuild, the 1979 Breaux Brother 124' motor yacht offers a classic, elegant design in a shiny new package.  

This American motor yacht was originally constructed in 1979-1980 by the renowned Breaux Bay Craft shipyard in Louisiana and brought into the modern age between 2018-2022 with a complete rebuild at Derecktor Shipyard and Lauderdale Marine Center.

Both the Derecktor Shipyard and Lauderdale Marine Center breathed fresh life into Ariadne with more than a traditional refit. The vessel has been completely reworked structurally, mechanically, and aesthetically, an extensive overhaul which put her in the running for BOAT International Refit of the Year in 2021. Available for sale, here’s a look into some of her standout features.   

Profile picture of Ariadne the motor yacht on the water

Structural Transformation 

With new running gear, "Ariadne" is now primed and ready to navigate any conditions. In fact, she’s maneuvered safely through 30-foot seas while towing a 30-foot tender with ease. Her thick hull plating and shallow draft make her an ideal choice for the Bahamas, but with mechanical upgrades and ample storage, she can easily cross the ocean, as well. 

 The aft deck on board Ariadne the motor yacht.

Outside and on deck, the motor yacht boasts three completely separate, spacious passenger areas: a sundeck that was expanded to four times its original size, a three-level aft deck, and a bow large enough for a cocktail party of 15. Tenders were relocated to gain space, and a bar with a forward view was added to the sundeck. There, you’ll find cocktail settees, tables, and a hot tub that has been raised for an exquisite view. The sundeck can also be converted into an outdoor gym with weights and aerobic machines. All of the exterior furniture is teak with brass fittings, with furnishings designed to match the vessel’s interior. 

Hot tub on a yacht.

The full walkaround main deck has wide passageways for easy navigation. The multi-level aft deck features a dining area, an open cockpit for relaxation and storage, and a designated swim platform. Future owners will have their pick of the yacht’s new toys, including jet skis as well as snorkeling, SCUBA, and fishing gear. "Ariadne" is also outfitted with two tenders, including one catamaran RIB. 

Aesthetic Enhancements 

From afar, her flag blue paint and crimson and gold boot stripes have a stunning effect, with her decks’ fresh cream paint rounding out her unique profile. Within moments of stepping aboard, her undeniable charm is reinforced through exquisite details. Inspired by classic transatlantic ocean liners of the 1930s, the interior is adorned with floors, fixtures, and sconces crafted from marble, crystal, gold, and brass. From her art deco bronze outlet plates to the custom art commissioned to match her décor, it’s clear that every facet of "Ariadne" was taken into meticulous consideration. 


Interior photos of Ariadne the 124 foot yacht

Mechanical Upgrades 

With four engines rather than the standard two, "Ariadne" is strong and seaworthy. Following her recent rebuild, her top speed has increased from 15 to 20 knots, and she cruises comfortably between 10 to 14 knots. The two generators have also been completely rebuilt. 

Ready to Charter in Elegance

A successful charter yacht, "Ariadne" is a one-of-a-kind vessel that brings back the glamour of the golden age of yachting. After her exquisite modifications, she has provided a unique experience for charter guests. This 124’ Breaux Bay Craft offers the potential for her new owners to step into the charter yacht world. 

If you’re interested in owning a yacht that boasts style, elegance, quality, and value you can view more more details in the listing online or contact broker Nicholas Olinde at (321) 720-7115 or Erik Weber at (203) 312-3845.

Click here to view the entire listing online now. 

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