The 9 Latest Must Have Yacht Toys, Tenders, and Gadgets

The 9 Latest Must Have Yacht Toys, Tenders, and Gadgets

By HMY Contributor   September 1, 2020

Whether you’re on the hunt to add the hottest toys and technology to your motor yacht or researching what you want on your next charter adventure, HMY is here to help you create the most memorable adventures on the water.

As technology continues to accelerate and boundaries are pushed, yacht owners and guests reap the benefits.

Here are 9 of the latest exotic playthings to consider for your next excursion.

Iguana X100 Beach Tender

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This amphibious tender with tracks can transform wet and unstable beach landings into a dry and safe experience for guests. Featuring remarkable stability on land and sea, the Iguana X100 is capable of scaling up to 22 degrees / 40% inclines on all surfaces. It can also hit speeds up to 55 mph.

Lift eFoil

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Electric foiling, or eFoil, lets riders of all capabilities fly above the water on a board attached to a mast with a motorized propeller. The Lift eFoil uses an advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all-carbon-fiber hydrofoil. Easily controlled with a wireless Bluetooth hand controller, riders will enjoy up to 90 minutes of ride time at speeds up to 25 mph.

Radinn G2X Electric Jet Board

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If you want a more surfboard-like experience, the Radinn G2X Electric Jetboard is for you. The G2X combines the breathtaking experience of a surfboard with the power and rush of motorized fun. It can reach speeds up to 37 mph in near silence with ride times up to 45 minutes.

Loeva Paddleboard

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There’s no more missing the beauty of the ocean below you with the transparent Loeva Paddleboard. Experience all of the diverse marine life directly under your feet with a transparent light-up base that makes the ocean floor visible day or night. This new paddling perspective lets you experience colorful coral, sharks, rays, and turtles like you never before.

Platypus Submersible WaterCraft

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Explore the ocean underneath you without leaving the boat. The Platypus Submersible Watercraft is “a revolutionary nautical concept of shallow underwater exploration, a semi-submersible nautical device, allowing to navigate above or under the water.” Resembling a trimaran, the central hull can be submerged up to 6.5 feet, giving you unparalleled underwater views.


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SEABOBS—the world’s fastest underwater scooter with speeds over 12mph—are nothing new, but they keep getting better. The F5 SR model offers 745 newtons of power, improved maneuverability and stability from two rear fins, and two integrated cameras to capture all the underwater adventures and scenery. The SEABOB can be taken down to depths of 130 feet, making it an extremely versatile underwater vehicle for diving and exploring.

Fun Air Toy Island

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The FunAir Toy Island is the latest inflatable elevating the on-water fun. Whether attached to a superyacht or motor yacht as an extension of the swim platform or trailed behind, it’s designed to dock a variety of watercrafts away from the yacht so that multiple activities can happen at the same time, meaning the fun never stops. It’s also perfect for beach days—it can be tethered from a secluded beach or jetty and used to securely dock crafts. The Toy Island can hold a combination of items, including four jet skis or sailing dinghies, two SEABOBS, two eFoils, SUPs, and several guests.

PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition Flying Car 

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Ever been stuck in traffic and wished you could just fly right over all of it? Well wish no more. The extremely limited PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition Flying Car is now available, with only 90 vehicles initial slated for delivery in Europe and North America. It doesn’t require much room or takeoff or landings, making it a perfect addition to the high-end toys on a motor yacht or superyacht.

Seamagine Aurora 3C Submarine

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If you’ve had dreams of reaching oceanic depths few ever experience, now you can make them come true. The AURORA-3C personal submarine is a compact private submersible that holds 1 pilot and 2 passengers, and is a 1 Atmosphere, ABS or DNV-GL Classed, vessel with a depth rating of up to 1500 ft. Enjoy an incomparable view, unobstructed by top hatches and side pontoons, and a much more spacious cabin than any other private submarine in its low weight category.

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