Selling Your Yacht The Right Way- The HMY Way

Selling Your Yacht The Right Way- The HMY Way

By HMY   November 5, 2019

Selling your yacht has enough surprises. Lack of business integrity and unclear communication shouldn’t be among them. At HMY, we understand that preparing a yacht for sale and navigating the selling process can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. For 40 years, HMY has consistently succeeded in selling customers’ yachts by removing stressors, being 100% honest, and acting with integrity from start to finish.
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Selecting the right yacht brokerage firm when selling your yacht means you should look for the most experienced and knowledgeable firm, not the one who tells you whatever you want to hear just to get you to sign with them. You want to choose a broker that knows what it takes to sell a boat and how to obtain maximum value, one with deep industry sales experience, a keen understanding of the market, and in-depth product knowledge. A few things customers can do upfront are: - Research the firm and make sure their claims are accurate and true. - Get the facts. Ask for their sales results. - Don’t settle for industry sales reports – it’s not a good indicator of sales expertise. (Larger brokerage firms like HMY have better real time access than smaller firms to genuine intel, ensuring you’re seeing real comps, not estimates or prices that are too low/high.) The market has changed significantly in the past 20 years. No longer can you list a boat for sale as is and expect a flood of inquiries. All you’ll see is more cash floating away as your yacht languishes in the marketplace. Today, boats have to be turnkey and ready to go the moment the paperwork is finished. It’s a rare buyer who’s willing to buy a fixer upper. As the seller, this will mean putting a bit of money into fixing and sprucing up your yacht. Marketing in this industry has also changed and HMY hasn’t missed a beat expertly employing the latest trends to achieve maximum, quality exposure for our listings. The moment HMY Yacht Sales takes on a new yacht listing, our proven marketing process is put into play. With the industry’s largest advertising budget, the most advanced marketing strategy, and the largest global customer network, we are able to consistently outmarket the competition, getting faster, better results for our clients.
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Honestly advising clients is what they pay us for. We pride ourselves on making sure our sellers respectfully hear what they need to hear whether they like it or not. Otherwise their boat won’t sell. Finding a broker that knows the marketplace, the worth of your boat within it, and what needs to be done for a timely, successful sale is crucial. Due to a big helping of emotional influence, we know that yachts are easy to buy and hard to sell. This is why brokers and sellers have to be honest with each other. We understand that the selling price is rarely good enough, but sometimes you have to let it go as the seller. Let’s accomplish your goal and get you on to your next boat. Throughout the selling process, we keep our clients up to date on everything from marketing updates to activity reports and competitive sales. This involves our industry-best, incredibly professional administrative team who handles the closings. They know the devil is in the details and ensure all paperwork is spot on. There are so many things that need to be done properly to close a boat deal. Sadly, too many firms don’t really know how to get it done the right way and there will be loose ends that can derail a deal or come back to haunt you. Our brokerage team strives to do everything the right way every step of the way. We’re confident that when a deal closes, it’s been done the right way and is airtight, above board, and produced the maximum selling price. Otherwise we won’t let it close and the work continues. Call us today to learn more about why HMY is your ideal partner to sell your yacht. Let us show you how integrity and clear communications makes all the difference in the process.

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