Season One Recap of HMY’s Podcast: From The Flybridge

Season One Recap of HMY’s Podcast: From The Flybridge

By Ashley Kuchciak   September 20, 2021

As we wrap up on the first season of HMY’s From the Flybridge podcast, let’s reflect on the admirable and accomplished guests that we had join us and dive deep into the intricacies of the yachting world.

Host and HMY Yacht Sales Professional, Alexie Creary, takes us on a 12-episode journey interviewing some of the most intriguing guests ranging from World Record-holding fishermen, business tycoon yacht owners, and even CEO Steve Moynihan himself. 

From the Flybridge Episode 1: Scott Levin

To kick off the season premiere of From the Flybridge, 17-word-record-holding fisherman extraordinaire and HMY Sales Professional, Scott Levin, spoke with us about his upbringing and how a shopping mall sparked his love for fishing. 

After graduating college, Levin spent the next 25 years sportfishing around the globe with world-famous fishermen, capturing marlin and tuna over 1000 pounds. His passion for fishing and go-getter attitude created memories that most people can only dream about.  

From the Flybridge Episode 2: Tom Carrol Jr.

Following the season premiere episode, we had the President of Princess Yachts America, Tom Carroll Jr, discuss the history leading up to the success of Princess Yachts along with everything else on the horizon for this industry-leading yacht manufacturer. 

Reflecting on his success, Tom divulged into what brings him the most joy in his career; watching the excitement on client’s faces when purchasing the boat they've dreamt of. Here's a short segment of that conversation.

Alexie Creary: Would you say that you have seen boating change a client’s life?  

Tom Carroll Jr: I definitely have. Especially recently with what’s been going on in the world with COVID, I’ve seen it bring families closer together. 

From the Flybridge Episode 3: The Healey Brothers  

For the 3rd episode of From The Flybridge, we spoke with Sean and Justin Healey, as the third generation of the Viking Yacht Company, the brothers dove into the company’s legacy, what it takes to stay at the top and who they are outside of boat-building.  

Due to their near-perfect craft, The Healey Brothers are a recognized face in the industry and on the dock. They go by their grandfather’s mantra “build a better boat every day” and that lends itself to their production facility and mentality. 

From The Flybridge Episode 4: World-Class Anglers: Jen Copeland, Debbi David, and Jeff Creary

In Episode 4, we welcomed three phenomenal guests who shared their secret fishing spots in the Keys, how the sportfishing world has evolved today, and so much more! Tune in to get the perspective of two women entering a male-dominated industry and the men that root them on.

The guests for this episode were Co-owner and Master Female Angler of L&H Charters, Debbie David, Senior Editor of Marlin Magazine, Jen Copeland, and World Record Fisherman and HMY Sales Professional, Jeff Creary.

From the Flybridge Episode 6: Dennis Friel

In episode 6, we had the pleasure of having world-renowned marine artist, Dennis Friel, who dove into a conversation about the process of bringing his fishing experiences to life - from the cockpit to the canvas.

Dennis was named the official artist for the 2021 College Football National Championship game and continues to represent the most premier fishing tournaments. He stands by the statement that it's not just about art, we are all connected by water.

From the Flybridge Episode 7: Mike McCarthy and Mike Mitchell

For the 7th episode of From the Flybridge, we welcomed two of HMY's own highest-producing yacht sales professionals, Mike McCarthy and Mark Mitchell. From New York to Florida-raised, these successful HMY brokers, both discuss their two different but unique paths that led them to their successful careers in the yachting industry.  

Tune in for insightful conversations on sonar, Wall Street, and marlin fishing across the globe from Louisana to the coast of Australia. 

From the Flybridge Episode 8: The Billfish Foundation

Joining us for the 8th episode, we were honored to have Ellen Peel and Peter Chaibongsai from the Billfish Foundation. We tackled a conversation about the importance of the Billfish Foundation's mission to ensure sportfishing stays alive and thriving for generations to come.

Ellen and Peter explained how they are working to extend the life of billfish so you can continue to get out on the water and win BIG at fishing tournaments.

From the Flybridge Episode 9: Meet the Moynihans

Episode 9 of From the Flybridge is a very special one. Steve and Faith Moynihan joined us to re-live the events that brought the idea of a yacht brokerage to life and take us through their captivating journey that created the successful company that HMY is today.

With 4 daughters and 12 grandchildren, Steve and Faith reflect on the importance of family time while still running one of the largest and most successful yacht brokerage companies in the country.

Listen to this episode to bring you back 42 years ago, to the beginning of HMY Yacht Sales: a three-room houseboat shared with a hairdresser.

From the Flybridge Episode 10: The Captains Edition - Islamorada

For the 10th episode of From the Flybridge, onboard the "Yabba Dabba Doo," we had the pleasure of speaking with Captains Mike, Drew, and James, three of the best fishing guides in the heart of the Florida Keys.

These three insightful fishermen discuss the highs and lows of being a guide, how to adapt to the ever-changing environment, and the beauty of a lifetime spent on the water.

From the Flybridge Episode 11: The Suit + The Salt

In episode 11, Our conversation brings you to the beautiful island of the Bahamas, talking about everything from pink sand beaches, lobster season, fine dining, fishing spots, and so much more!

This podcast episode welcomes Bahamian experts, Joe Dargavage, owner of Romora Bay Resort & Marina, and VP of the Association of Bahamas Marina along with HMY Sales Professional, Brian Weaver.

From the Flybridge Episode 12: Lee and Sher Patterson

In celebration of the season finale of HMY's From the Flybridge, we get taken through the journey of Lee and Sher Patterson who turned in their suits for a life on their brand new 70' Princess.

Listen to this episode to ride along the trip of a lifetime as Lee and Sher re-live their travels through Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean.

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