Podcast #12 – Living the Dream: The 6-3-3 Plan

Podcast #12 – Living the Dream: The 6-3-3 Plan

By Reiley Hutchinson   August 26, 2021

Imagine taking delivery of your brand new 70’ Princess, throwing off the bow lines, and heading out to live the dream you’ve worked your whole life for. Pack your bags and get ready to ride along the trip of a lifetime as Lee and Sher Patterson relive their travels through Europe, Canada, and the US. Learn how they named “The Prize” and how they remain in the Princess and HMY family with their new F55 Princess “The Prize Too” Find out which ports have the nicest people, the best food, and… a ghost town??? You won’t want to miss this one!

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Alexie Creary: What inspired the dream to travel the world by boat?

Sher Patterson: Wow. Well, the dream was to be on the boat for Lee. And I thought, you know, initially, when we got it, we thought, well, we'll just ship it to the US. And then I said, you know, we can get delivery in Europe. Why don't we just stay here for a year or two and we decided, yeah, why not made a difference in our plans. But wow, no regrets!

Lee Patterson: We spent four or five years before I actually retired in 2008 doing research on what kind of boat we wanted to get. And we knew we wanted to get a cruising boat. We actually narrowed it down to four boats. We looked at Azimut, we looked at Ferretti, we looked at Sunseeker and Princess. We worked at engineering companies, so we learned how to do research. We not only went to boat shows in Genoa and in London multiple times and as we were living in London at the time, but also to Fort Lauderdale, we came to Fort Lauderdale a couple of times because it was the boating capital of the world and narrowed it down to those four boats.

But then we also went to the factories because I was really curious about how they were made. Both Ferretti and Azimut had factories in Italy, Sunseeker in Poole, England, and obviously Princess in Plymouth. And we crawled all through the factories, looked how they were built, how they were put together, and narrowed it down. It was a hard decision because initially, we liked the sexiness of the Italian boats. And in 2008, frankly, they were a lot sexier than Sun Seeker or Princess, the UK boats. But boy, when we crawled into the Princess factory and saw the quality of how they were made, the woodsmanship, and frankly, the quality of the people we were dealing with, the Princess, we decided to go with the Princess 70'. It started out as 50'. And then Sher said, "Well, we're going to live on it, needs to be at least 60'..." and then 67'.

Sher Patterson: And then we walked by a 70' and so without buying any boat, we went from 50' to 70' in four years. And then when I retired in 2008 in May, we took delivery of the 70'. They called it 21 meters there and we picked it up at the factory.

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