PMY Magazine Review : Cruisers Yachts 60 Cantius

PMY Magazine Review : Cruisers Yachts 60 Cantius

By HMY   November 6, 2015

Captain Richard Thiel, editor-in-chief and veteran boat-tester for Power and Motor Yacht Magazine, recently reviewed the flagship model from Cruisers Yachts - the 60 Cantius. The Cruisers 60 is making its debut this week at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and has already drawn long lines from excited boaters waiting to see the latest from the factory. If you can't make it to the boat show to see in person, reading this article from PMY on the boat is the next best thing. To view the entire article by Capt. Thiel, please click here.

Coming over the historic Michigan Street Bridge on my way to the Cruisers Yachts dealer meeting I had a perfect view of the fleet assembled in the water at Sturgeon Bay’s Stone Harbor Resort. There were models of various sizes, but one boat dominated the scene—the one I’d come to test. That the 60 Cantius stood out wasn’t surprising given its size and stature as Cruisers Yachts flagship. What did give me pause was how it dwarfed the boat next to it, the 540 Sports Coupe, the builder’s second-largest offering. I knew that the 60 was roughly 6 feet longer but seeing the two boats side by side, it looked like the difference was double that.

When I later made my way down to the docks, the difference between the two boats seemed, if anything, even greater. And it wasn’t just their lengths; the 60 seemed much bigger in every way—wider, taller, and more voluminous. Yet somehow, despite her size and volume, she still managed to strike a profile that was as slick, sporty, and well proportioned as her sisterships. Realizing that I couldn’t trust my five senses, I returned to my car to get my trusty tape measure.

My impression was confirmed once I stepped aboard. The 60’s design draws on a philosophy that tracks the popular trends followed by a number of other builders. The general type is often referred to as a coupe, and it’s characterized by a saloon and cockpit that are on the same level and separated by a mostly glass bulkhead that opens all the way, or nearly so, to allow the two spaces to become one. The galley is typically on the main level and aft so that food and drink can be served with equal ease to occupants inside or out. Glass area on either side of the saloon is maximized, giving the feeling that you’re part of the outside even when you’re inside. To top it all off—no pun intended—there’s more glass in the overhead in the form of a large sunroof and sometimes an additional expanse of fixed glass.

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PMY's Performance Testing Results of the Cruisers Yachts 60 Cantius:

 performance results of 60 cantius

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