Off the Beaten Path: Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse

Off the Beaten Path: Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse

By Katie Flanagan   May 5, 2021

The islands of the Bahamas stretch across more than 100,000 square miles in gin-clear water. Just off the beaten path from the island of Bimini sits a small, lesser-known island called Great Isaac Cay.

Great Isaac Cay is located roughly 20 miles NNE off of Bimini. This coral island is home to rocky terrain and is most well-known for it's historical lighthouse.

The Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse towers over the small, uninhabited island at approximately 150 feet tall and was constructed sometime in the 1850s. The light was built as a navigational aid for those traveling the waters in the Bahamas.  At one point in time, this lighthouse was manually operated by lighthouse keepers who mysteriously disappeared in 1969. Some locals believe the disappearance was caused by a hurricane while some believe otherwise.

The lighthouse still stands and is in operation in Great Isaac Cay today but no longer has any keepers. The island’s sharp, rocky grounds can make the island hard to explore so use caution if you plan to go ashore.  The waters surrounding the small cay hold beautiful reef structures that a variety of reef fish call home which provides great snorkeling and diving views.  

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