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Must Have Water Toys For Your Yacht

Must Have Water Toys For Your Yacht

By Michael Cummins   January 18, 2016

There’s no denying that today’s luxury yacht is a sight to behold with amenities galore but what might yours be missing? The answer may surprise you – water toys. Awaken your inner child by adding these seriously awesome accessories to your yacht’s repertoire. These crowd-pleasers add an extra element of fun for kids and adults alike and will surely take your day on the water to the next level.


Inflatable Slide

The Cruiser inflatable slide from FreeStyle Slides is custom-made (and priced) for each yacht, stretching up to 60 feet above water, with a thrilling 45-degree drop for ­adrenaline-drenched high speeds. It’s one heck of way to make a splash. At 16 feet, the slide weighs 264 pounds and can be deployed in about 20 minutes.


Freestyle Pool

A very cool concept for those apprehensive folks who want to enjoy the water but don’t want to have a brush with what lurks beneath. FreeStyle Pools are great for lounging and swimming thanks to mesh sides that act as a barrier, keeping unwelcomed marine life away. Each FreeStyle Pool can be customized to your specific size requirement. In addition, you can choose from an array of colors as well as adding your own personalized logo.


Aquaglide trampoline

You can’t go wrong with the Aquaglide SuperTramp ($999 to $3,999) – an inflatable floating trampoline. Aquaglide offers the trampoline in three different sizes and they can accommodate three to five users. Additional accessory options allow you to create a personal waterpark in the middle of the ocean!


Inflatable “Rockwall”

This innovative climbing wall ($8,000) from Green Yachts delivers a fun challenge as you choose among three color-coded “routes” up the wall. If you lose your grip you’ll splash right into the water, so don’t worry about falling and go for it!


The WaterBlob

The custom-built and priced WaterBlob is an air-filled “blob” that you moor beside your yacht. For a high-flying adventure, one person climbs aboard the blob and a second person jumps off the yacht onto the blob, launching the first person into the air to a watery landing.

This video by Freestyle shows us just how amazing it would be to have some of these water toys on board during your next excursion.

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